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A complete guide to fleet management, logistics and personal tracking

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Have you ever been involved in a situation where you are out with your family and you confidently park your car and anxiously alight and dash to grab something to eat in a restaurant? After enjoying the sumptuous meal, you happily return back to the parking lot after having paid parking fees only to find your car is missing. It is always a painful tragedy and while standing at that point, so much exhumes you hence detonating millions of unanswerable questions. You decide to rush to the nearest police post only to realize you had not installed any tracking system on it.

Many people suffer from the wrong perception that they live and drive only in safe areas hence having a tracking system is a waste of time and money for them. With the recent increase in car theft incidents, there is a dire need to have a tracking system or a fleet management solution for your vehicle or fleet. Every week, at least six incidents of car thefts are reported. There are car syndicates all over that are always watching the movement of your fleet. These syndicates are devising new ways of stealing cars including jamming tracking systems and deactivating them. Within minutes, the thieves are in control of your car and they drive to their secret hubs where the stolen car is disassembled and sold in spare parts. The car that you worked so hard to buy at 1.3 million shillings ends up being sold at Kshs. 100,000 in spare parts. 

“On September 6, 2019, I parked my car at Zion Mall, when I went to the parking place two hours later, it was missing. I have positively identified my car’s windscreens,” One victim narrated his story to the press. This is one of the many car theft incidents that have been reported in the media this year. Last week, October 7, police in Eldoret impounded eight stolen cars and arrested seven suspects in connection to the theft. The seven were arrested from Bomet, Kericho and Uasin Gishu counties. On September 15, police officers in Nakuru and Nyeri seized a vehicle they believed was stolen from Nyeri and arrested four suspects. The owner said he had parked the car at Mt. Kenya bottlers but did not find it when he returned. On June 23, five people were arrested in connection with a car theft syndicate in the central region. They were arrested while attempting to sell a car that the police believed had been stolen. On May 26, thugs broke into a residential house stole a motor vehicle and household goods. On January 10, Police in Eldoret unearthed a vehicle theft syndicate where criminals steal cars then dismantle them before selling spare parts to unsuspecting Kenyans. The stories are the same in every part of the country. 

Anti Car-Jamming Capabilities

As much as these thieves spend time devising new ways to con you, we are also spending sleepless nights coming up with solutions that will ensure your safety and security. We are increasingly investing in technologies that we know will help you secure your vehicle or fleet. We are not only offering you a vehicle tracking system but also ensuring that the system can detect any jamming attempts and send the necessary signals to secure your vehicle. So how does it work, our tracking sensors have inbuilt sensors that detect the signal with excellent quality and gives you information via SMS or email directly to your device of choice. With this information, you can either activate the command of choice or automatically set a command such as cut off oil or lock doors in case jamming is detected. 

Fleet Logistics & Fuel Management

Customer satisfaction is always a priority in business. When the customer is happy, the business graph is always on the high side. But if the customer is unhappy due to late delivery, then the business is in turmoil. As a fleet manager, we can help you manage your delivery operations well. This is through our fleet logistics solution that will help you to plan your routes by selecting orders and vehicles and get preliminary routes comprising data on the estimated arrival time and mileage. Through our solution, you can also use Google maps data for precise address info and routing. On top of this, you can track your delivery process in real-time and respond to emerging issues through phone calls or chats with the driver. You can also get notifications and communicate with the client once the delivery is complete.

Most businesses realize their profits through cost-cutting. Fuel is one of the factors that are prioritized when it comes to this expedition. However, the more you try to save, the more you find yourself spending on fuel. With our fuel management solution, you will be able to make better decisions on fuel economy, prevent fraud and reduce fuel costs dramatically. This solution enables fuel usage analytics which will offer you insight on the fuel consumption of your fleet and if the fuel gut has been tampered with, you will receive a pop-up message on your phone indicating there is a malicious activity taking place hence easier to detect theft of fuel.

Sequentially, logistics companies lose property worth millions of dollars in track containers while in transit. This can be avoided using our container trackers which lets you know when the container’s door is opened and where it has been opened.

Dashboard Cameras & Driver Behavior

Accidents are frequent on our roads. When it happens, the drivers especially those drivers from public service vehicles will always decline to be on the wrong side. They will not take liability hence the case might be turned around and the liability put on you. With our discreet dashboard camera, you will get records of both real-time video and audio activities of what happened during the accident. These recordings can also be used by the police as evidence in a court of law or to settle the accident case.

Sometimes your drivers may turn out to be stubborn hence divert from their main core duties and delve into their own personal matters which leads to delay delivery of cargo. With this solution, you can detect hazardous driving behaviours using a one of a kind algorithm, where grades are computed to assess a driver’s performance. If the driver diverts or makes unwarranted stops on the road, you will be able to ascertain and take immediate action. 

Personal GPS Trackers

How many times have you worried about certain members of your family when you weren’t around? What about when that person left the house for something? This can be an elderly member of your family or a child. How much better would you feel if you knew you could keep tabs on them and they could easily notify you if something was wrong? Well, that’s what personal GPS trackers can provide you with. This solution is designed for personal and asset tracking. With alerts like geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery, SIM card change alert and many other advanced reporting features. Experience peace of mind when you know your loved ones are safe.

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