Creating Freedom By Making Everyday Life Safer.

Securex is the leading regional security provider for technology-driven security solutions across East Africa. Founded and headquartered in Kenya in 1970, the company has grown in stature and now has offices across Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Core Values

Who we are Our Core Values. Our Responsibilities.

Our team of professionals, known as the Securex Heroes, are bound by a strong culture driven by our core values.

Core Values

Whatever it takes

It is always our duty to go the extra mile for our clients. Our staff members are team players in their respective fields and continuously do whatever it takes to ensure that every stakeholder is satisfied and the Securex purpose is succeeded.

We are family

We are bound by strong family values that constantly drive the growth of our brand. We have been the pacesetters in the security industry as a result of our zeal to work together. Our family bond lives not only among us, but trickles down to our customers as well.


To Our Customers

It is our responsibility to provide quality products and services in a timely, healthy, and safe manner by listening to the needs of every client. All our products can be integrated to solve any security problem.

To Our Employees

To provide a safe and conducive work environment to our staff. We do not only focus on remuneration, but also on the welfare and personal growth of our team members who we ensure are A-team players in the industry.

To Our Partners

To consistently strengthen our mutual relationship with our partners and other business associates for the continuous efficiency of our products and services. We only work with the best and those who share our core values.

To Our Society

To be a responsible corporate member of society by adhering to the laws of the land, while respecting the environment and contributing to community development programmes. “Everyone is part of our family.”

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