November 13, 2020

Celebrating Diwali Safely During COVID-19

Diwali is one of the popularly celebrated festivals in Asian communities all over the world. This year’s Diwali is around the corner and it is not it looks like the […]

Celebrating Diwali Safely During COVID-19

Diwali is one of the popularly celebrated festivals in Asian communities all over the world. This year’s Diwali is around the corner and it is not it looks like the festivities will not be as grand and exquisite as the previous years. In the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, all the festivities have been muted this year. The regular gift exchange, meetings with relatives and friends, fireworks-everything that is synonymous with Diwali, and used to take place until last year is not going to happen this year.  

Diwali without fireworks? Yep, sounds about accurate. This will not be the first time this happens in Kenya. Years back, a firework ban was affected when the government officials said they fear that criminals and terrorists could use the cover of fireworks and festivities to infiltrate crowds and cause mayhem. This was right after Kenya’s defense forces got into Somalia to intervene in Al-Shabab. This year, however, the ban is seeking to ensure that social gatherings are limited.   

So how will we go about our festivities? Well, the idea of a Zoom Diwali doesn’t sound too bad, does it? As much as Covid-19 has altered a lot, including how we make merry, it has not altered our spirits! You can still enjoy Diwali and adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines.  

Online Shopping 

Diwali gives a great opportunity to gift. During the Covid-19 pandemic, physical interactions are limited, nevertheless, you can still safely award your friends and family with gifts from wherever they are through online shopping. Most online shops now have crazy Black Friday deals throughout November, meaning you can still gift your loved ones and friends without having to go shopping.  

Send Diwali cards to loved ones 

You may not be able to gather with your loved ones this year or watch fireworks together, however, you can still celebrate with them via a virtual event, share sentiments about the season share your Diwali wishes via e-cards to them. Believe it or not, you can have your lunch or dinner with your loved ones via zoom.  

As you enjoy your virtual gatherings or Diwali celebrations at home, remember safety comes first. Below are five ways you can do this  

Avoid Fireworks  

During the Diwali festivities, avoid fireworks, burning waste, or dry leaves in a bonfire as any form of smoke can trigger serious health concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Carbon particles from fumes and chemical vapors from burning waste may worsen a pre-existing allergic disorder. Vapor particles may stick to the nostrils for a long time, aggravating allergic reactions, among other respiratory illnesses that may hasten your chances of getting Covid-19. 

Safeguard the Elderly   

Avoid trips to visit your aged family members. The elderly should remain at home if possible, you can organize a virtual meeting for them with the other family members.   

Keep Alcohol-based Sanitizers away from fire 

Refrain from using hand sanitizers that are alcohol-based before lighting Diyas or candles. The sanitizers are flammable and can cause fire hazards. Experts recommend that you wash your hands with soap and water before doing something that involves fire.  Keep A Safe Distance  

Festivity is all about getting together and strengthening ties. But this festive season, try to adapt to the new normal and stop meeting people physically. Namaste is the perfect way to welcome people right now. Celebrate Diwali by staying indoors this year.  

Remember to wear your Mask 

It is vital to be responsible and take care of yourself by adhering to the set Covid-19 guidelines. Covid-19 made the use of the mask possible. Therefore, always remember to cover your nose and mouth every time you step out.

Happy Diwali to you all!


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