COVID-19 Response

1st May 2020



Covid-19 continues to evolve with new cases being reported in the globe every day distorting our equilibrium and day to day life. Many businesses are operating remotely, others have reopened with extremely stringent measures, especially at entry, points to prevent the spread of the virus.

Security checks have now become more than just a hand-held or walkthrough metal detector with temperature screening devices including non-contact infrared thermometers being introduced. This will be our new normal for the next couple of months and should you require any advice on the thermal screening solutions or the non-contact infrared thermometers, we are here to help. 

With some companies still opting for work from home measures, cybercriminals are additionally looking to misuse vulnerabilities emerging from telecommuting to target unprotected systems. It is therefore important to ensure your systems/networks are secure by:  

  • Utilizing hard-to-figure passwords for Wi-Fi systems, emails and other systems.  
  • Allowing two-factor confirmation as an extra method for distinguishing proof.  
  • Educating your employees on cyber hygiene practices to lessen cyber threats such as phishing  
  • Avoiding connection to unsecured public WIFI and connecting to only known and trusted networks. 
  • Ensuring your employees are using devices only approved by your company that have been configured with the necessary security and operating systems. 
  • Limiting access privileges to necessary systems and data even then for a predetermined period of time. 
  • Backing up your information and updates in a safe cloud 

Through our partnership with a couple of renowned ambulance service providers in Nairobi, you can now request for ambulance services via the Securex App. All you need to do is to download the app on Android store, signup and subscribe to the medical package. For more information, talk to us. 

At Securex, our primary role is to take care of you and ensure you are safe at all times and your Securex experience remains at the highest standards. As we ensure business continuity, we continue to improve our avenues to support you and ensure your long-term success. We believe when we support each other, we shall overcome this menace and grow together. 

Thank you for placing your trust in us. Be safe and take care. 


22nd April 2020


In these unprecedented times, each day brings new developments as the pandemic continue to evolve across the globe. We are continuing our relentless efforts to support the government and communities at large to combat the virus in the country. 

We would like to continue to inform you of trends in security matters that have come to our attention: 

  • There is a noticeable spike in crime within the CBD and industrial areas during curfew hours. Criminals are taking advantage of the lack of commercial activity, heavy rains and subsequent power cuts to break into warehouses and shops stealing raw materials and items to be sold on illegally.  
  • As the government enforces strict socially distancing laws, many have had to forgo their gyms and clubs. As a result, we are seeing many avid runners and cyclists turning to the roads for their exercise. Unfortunately, this has provided a new opportunity to criminals on bodabodas, who crowd their victims often armed, quickly making away with phones, fitness watches, headphones and other valuables.  

Our teams are on high alert, responding to alarms and ensuring our clients’ safety at all times. Keep vigil at all times, especially at night and should you require additional measures to enhance your home, business or even personal security, let us know. We continue to take precautionary measures to ensure we all remain safe. These includes: 

  • Modifying our operations across the region to safely maintaining the capacity to serve you whilst prioritizing the health and safety of our security officers, technical and emergency response teams. 
  • Issuing of washable, reusable facemasks to all our employees, with strict guidelines from the CDC and WHO on the handling and sanitation of these masks.  
  • Educating all our employees on the virus and preventative measures they can take to minimize their risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Organizing training for our operations team leaders on COVID-19 to keep them informed on the virus and help sensitize the Security Officers during their regular spot checks.

We remain committed to being here for you and extend our gratitude to your continued support and your dedicated efforts to ensuring the services we provide are fully paid for. Your support is greatly felt especially in making the necessary provisions to ensure the security officers and emergency response teams who are on the front line in any crisis can report safely on duty. 

I’d like to assure you that at Securex we are living by our core value of Whatever It Takes each day to ensure that your Securex experience is unaffected. 

Thank you for placing your trust in us. Be safe and take care.


23rd March 2020


The world is battling an issue of enormous scale and human impact, and our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected. As organisations across the globe implement measures to safeguard their people, the Securex Family is committed to doing our part.

At Securex, it is our role and responsibility to prioritise the health of our staff, customers and partners. However, we must also work tirelessly to support local health officials, government leaders and relevant ministries as they work to contain the spread of the virus within the region.

I want to assure you that Securex is monitoring the everchanging situation very closely. We are in constant contact with the local authorities and have dedicated teams focused on implementing prevention methods that have proven successful in other countries.
Our response to this outbreak is to fulfil our role in society, continue to provide 24/7 support to clients, the wellbeing of our 5,000 employees and on protecting our long-term financial sustainability.

Securex executes significant response efforts and we are working closely together with our clients to secure the provisioning of safety and security during a challenging time. Over the last few weeks, we have taken a series of precautionary steps in response to this. We have also prepared our operations teams to respond quickly to any emerging situation, leveraging the considerable insights we’ve gained from the world:

We are closely monitoring all information shared by the WHO, MoH, CDC and local health authorities. We have increased cleaning and sanitisation of all company-operated assets to help prevent the spread of all germs.

We have paused the shared use of security equipment such as scanning equipment and search equipment. We have provided scenario-based SOPs to our supervisory teams on how to report and support anyone that may express they have been impacted by the virus, including isolation procedures and what personal protective equipment (PPE) should be deployed and how. We have issued all our security officers on the ground with personal hygiene equipment and are sending frequent SMS updates on the virus and preventative measures they can take to minimise their risk of contracting COVID-19.

All posts in the field have been provided with COVID-19 specific SOPs, sanitization equipment and PPE required to conduct their specific tasks.

There is a twelve-hour update to all senior management on the wellbeing of all our employees. Both day and night operations teams are equipped with the resources needed to safely transport any of our staff members to the nearest medical facility should they be symptomatic, or should they come into contact with an individual who has tested positive for the virus.

We appreciate your understanding that, as our esteemed client, your Securex Experience may feel different as we steer through this turbulent time together. We are currently modifying our operations across the region whilst safely maintaining the capacity to serve you and prioritise the health and safety of our staff and partners.

As our loyal customer, it is our mission to remain transparent, providing the latest information from Securex on our digital platforms, Android app and through our dedicated 24/7 hotline 0711 069 999. If you would like to receive updates, please email with your number so we can add you to our SMS alerts.

I want to thank you for supporting Securex, we are privileged to have served you for 50 years and will live by our core values by doing whatever it takes to create freedom by making everyday life safer.

I wish you well in these testing times.


16th March 2020


At Securex, our hearts and thoughts go out to those who are affected by the virus and their families. With over 4000 personnel guarding various businesses and homes in the country, we are taking this pandemic very seriously and have been rolling out precautionary measures in line with MoH and WHO guidelines. We are also preparing for business continuity in case of a lockdown.

In times like these, security is heightened and in order to keep your family and businesses safe we have taken the following measures:

Workforce Education

We are closely monitoring the situation and have put in place necessary measures to ensure that our personnel is sensitized on how to minimize the risk of contracting the virus:

  1. In adherence to the guidelines from WHO we have advised our Security Officers to frequently wash their hands with soap and use hand sanitizers where possible. Officers are told to avoid touching their face and to cough or sneeze into their elbow.
  2. Should they display early symptoms of the virus, they have been advised to stay at home and inform our human resource office via the number provided.
  3. Our security officers are being updated in morning and evening briefings through immediate supervisors, and bulk SMS messages are being sent to our workforce providing tips and updates on COVID-19.
  4. Engagement with clients on providing face masks, gloves, and sanitizers at assignments.
  5. Instructing our supervisors to monitor the health of officers in the field and immediately escalate if anyone displays symptoms similar to those of COVID-19. We have temperature guns to enable us to do this.

Security Checks

We are working to provide Security Officers with masks at key assignments to help them with searches at the entrances. Supplies are very limited, but we’re partnering with manufacturers and distributors to source as much as possible. We will priorities distribution to Security Officers in assignments with a high volume of people. Furthermore, if customers do not feel comfortable having their vehicle handled by a security officer, you will have the option to open the vehicle doors and allow security officers to conduct thorough checks without coming into contact with your car.

Customer Obligation

We recommend the same for our customers and business partners and have confidence that by following these basic guidelines, the pandemic can be contained. If you are on sight and can assist in any manner, by providing soap and water to wash hands or hand sanitizer, please do.

In the case of lock-down, we are asking customers to provide basic food, accommodation and hygiene facilities for our Security Officers.

We advise our clients to contact us via +254 711 069 999 should they spot a Security Officer who is unwell. We also have vehicles available to transport our Security Officers to the hospital if needed.

We are grateful to many of our clients that have taken this unprecedented crisis positively with the understanding of the behaviours and attitudes of Kenyans at large. These clients have done some or all of the following:

  1. Increased frequency of cleaning in the offices and residences.
  2. Provided Sanitizers at the offices.
  3. Removed magazines, newspapers, and periodicals from reception areas.
  4. Prominently displayed posters to educate and remind staff, visitors and our guards on prevention of infection.

Additional Help

The safety and well-being of clients is always our priority. Should you require additional measures of any sort in place at your organization whether that is; reviewing security search procedures or implementing solutions such as remote monitoring or thermal screening, please contact my team.

Government’s Directives

We are following the guidance of our respective government and health officials and we shall ensure swift and diligent action following the directives mandated, which unfortunately may force us to disrupt our regular service and support hours. However, should there be any major changes, we shall update you accordingly.

Thank you for placing your trust in us. Keep safe and stay healthy.

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