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Evidence at your fingertips: The Importance of having a Dashboard Camera 

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According to the Annual Accident Report by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), Kenya recorded an increase in the number of road fatalities, recording 4,023 deaths between January and November 2021. The number is higher as compared to 3,340 deaths recorded in the same period in the previous year, 2020. The report further stated that the leading cause of road traffic crashes in Kenya was speeding, followed by dangerous overtaking and distracted driving. Studies also show that most commercial motor vehicle crashes involve dangerous and risky driving behaviors or errors on the part of the driver which could be prevented. 

Driver Behavior 

The best way to reduce risky driving behavior is through the use of onboard safety monitoring technologies like installing dashboard cameras which are proven to be very effective. A reliable dashboard camera is an ideal companion for daily driving and long-distance travel. Having a dashboard camera in your car means supporting evidence at your fingertips – should you be involved in a car accident or witness one. For commercial vehicles, a dashboard camera will offer you peace of mind and ease monitoring your fleet, and accountability among your drivers. 

Sharp turn 

For starters, you can easily monitor driver behavior such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and sharp turn will help reduce the accident rates and improve the fuel consumption of your fleet. With that, dashboard cameras generally encourage safe driving by making drivers avoid dangerous habits and make better decisions. 

Harsh Acceleration 

In the event of a serious accident, collision, or improper driving behavior, the dashboard camera captures event videos and sends them to the cloud for storage enabling you to respond or take action immediately. Most authorities and insurance companies now accept dashboard camera footage as evidence. They can therefore be used to prevent future accidents by reporting reckless and dangerous drivers. Dashboard cameras also make it easy for insurance companies to resolve issues and aid in investigations. This in the long run helps you save money on incident-related costs and cuts down on expenses. 

Event to Cloud 

Some dashboard cameras are also fitted with panic buttons so that in the event of an accident or an emergency, one can press the SOS and it will trigger the device initiating an emergency call to the pre-set SOS numbers and the back office. Having a dashboard camera will generally enhance safe driving and give you evidence at your fingertips. 

Panic Button 

Here is a reliable Smart Dual-Channel Dashboard Camera that has a front camera to record what is happening on the road, and a detached cabin-facing camera that records every detail inside the car. The smart dashboard camera costs Kshs.25,000 one-off purchase plus VAT. However, there is a monthly cost of Kshs.1,500 per month, per device for software maintenance and with this: 

1. You get real-time streaming. 

2. You get tracking for your vehicle 

3. And you can monitor driver behavior directly from your phone 

The Dual Channel Smart Dashboard Camera

If you can’t buy it now, you have an option for leasing the device for Kshs.2,500 plus VAT per month with no additional costs for fleets and company vehicles only 

Let us know if you’re interested, we can organize a free demonstration for you. Need more information? Contact Securex today. 

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