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Five Reasons Securex Security Officers Are a Cut Above the Rest

  • Posted by: Lloyd Gitonga

As one of the oldest private security firms in the region, we’ve had a lot to be cheerful for over our rich 46-year history. We’ve been pioneers in every right, from being founding members of the Kenya Security Industry Association (KSIA); to being the first private security firm to attain both ISO and OHSAS certification; to introducing revolutionary technological security solutions such as the Garrett handheld metal detectors in the 90’s and the Under-Vehicle Surveillance Systems. One of the factors that has however remained constant throughout our growth is our uniformed section, our heroes in blue who continue to prove to us that they are a cut above the rest. Why so?

Well, if you let some of our customers tell it…

The guard at the basement of Lavington Curve Mall made my day! Best service and reception I’ve had in ages!@MoraaSylvia (12/08/2016)

I like the way Securex does their work. I used to see their men and women in uniform at the World Bank premises in Upperhill, security was tight!Stephen Ochieng (30/03/2016)

You are doing great work, kudos! Having seen how hard your guards work to achieve the best and how organized your people are, I do recommend you as a company.Kipkoech Kenneth (11/03/2016)

The security guards and guardettes at Yaya and the Junction are great and courteous. They make my visits memorable.Eva Ngotho (22/02/2016)

  1. Training:

We are privileged to boast one of the most formidable training teams in the industry today. From our well-travelled, vastly experienced ex-military personnel to a former Olympian and Kenyan boxing legend, we’d say we are well-stocked when it comes to training. David Olulu represented the country in his heyday as a boxer at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games in the 80’s and early 90’s, and today we are proud to have him within our ranks as our drills and self-defence instructor. Beyond this, our comprehensive training schedule is geared towards producing well-rounded private security officers, equipping them with skills such as basic self-defence, fire-fighting, first aid, first-responder-on-scene investigation, counter terrorism, disaster management, and customer care.

  1. Selection and Recruitment:

From the get-go, we only pick the cream of the crop to go through our rigorous recruitment process. Our selection criteria includes physical fitness, academic background, and a background check on a candidate’s criminal record. Once the chosen few are determined, they are taken through an intensive induction course that covers counter terrorism, fire-fighting, basic self-defence, and other skills critical to the dispensation of their duties.

All our heroes in blue are recruited to our training academy with one goal in mind – to earn the right to don the Securex badge. The selection and recruitment course is designed to ensure that only the best and deserving earn the badge, a badge which they can be proud.

  1. Motivation:

As a founding member of the KSIA we strive to live by the standards prescribed by the organisation, as well as those laid out in the new Private Security Industry Regulation Act. This means that beyond our competitive wages and remunerations structure, we have established a number of measures to keep our officers motivated. We are one of few private security firms in the region to have rolled out a career path for our uniformed section, which outlines a clear career progression from guarding into management, and ultimately senior management at the firm.

The program has already borne fruit, with our Manager of Manned Guarding, Charles Nderitu, starting out as a security officer 13 years ago. He rose through the ranks, first as a Site-in-Charge, then Field Officer, Deployment Officer, Zone Manager, and finally Manager of Manned Guarding. Another beneficiary, Rose Nyawira, started out as a security officer before being promoted to Site-in-Charge, Field Officer and to her current position, Contract Manager at Village Market.

These are prime examples set by some of our very best for the rest of our uniformed section to emulate!

  1. Core Values:

Your staff at Garden City Mall are exceptionally good. They are very empathetic and go out of their way to help people. On Monday evening (yesterday) at around 8 pm, I dropped my phone in the spaces of the lift. I was very confused and worried, but two of your staff, Wambua and Osoro reassured me that they would retrieve it the following day when the lift maintenance company came by. They went ahead and helped me carry my luggage to the parking lot and traced my cab driver…seeing as my phone was lost and there was no way to contact the driver. I gave them a contact they would use to reach me when they found my phone. Less than an hour later, they had found it and informed us to collect it. I was very impressed when they said they had thought of another way to retrieve it after I had left.
Now this is not a trait you find in people everywhere you go. Especially people whose services/actions towards customers do not directly affect them. I am extremely grateful to the two lovely men. And the Securex team at Garden City Mall…exceptional people! Keep it up! –
Wangui Githinji (25/10/2016)

This is a great example of two of our own living up to our core values, “We are Family” and “Whatever it Takes.” Our heroes will do whatever it takes to treat you as one of our own, as part of the Securex Family. This is why we would risk life and limb to protect you and those you hold dear and the reason why one of alarm response crews put their well-being on the line to break into a house full of toxic carbon monoxide fumes to rescue a 9-month old baby, her mother, and house help. We care for you!

  1. Experience:

In our rich 46-year history, we have been privileged to work with some of the best talent that there is in the security sector. We have also enjoyed the benefits of having a significant number of our 6,000 security officers stay with us for over 10 years in their careers. These are heroes who have worked with us in protecting the Kenyan wananchi in the prime of their lives and the peak of their careers. We’ve studied both local and regional crime and security trends for decades, using this experience to tailor the training that our private security officers go through prior to deployment. Our officers have consistently been ahead of the curve, a cut above the rest, and we’re not letting up any time soon!

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