June 9, 2017

Honouring our Heroes

“Today, we not only celebrate our heroes, but we honour our culture. When the concept behind the Securex Heroes Awards was birthed in 2015, we had seen a motivational tool […]

Honouring our Heroes

“Today, we not only celebrate our heroes, but we honour our culture. When the concept behind the Securex Heroes Awards was birthed in 2015, we had seen a motivational tool to foster a culture where everyone is inspired to do whatever it takes, and a tradition of recognizing those who do this every day.” – Tony Sahni, Securex Chief Executive Officer.

Each quarter, we come together as the Securex Family to honour our heroes. Our heroes are those exceptional and selfless individuals who live by our core values, which are “We Are Family” and “Whatever It Takes.”

In the first edition of the Heroes Awards in 2016, we recognized Anne Munyui and Dickson Andalo, with Mr. Andalo (Emergency Response Crew Commander) showing rare courage and fortitude by leading his team in foiling a kidnapping and taking a bullet to the leg in the process. The second edition saw Doris Onyango and Josphat Kyalo rewarded, with Mr. Kyalo chasing down two thugs who had accosted and robbed a civilian of his phone right outside our headquarters.

This past week we held our third Securex Heroes Awards ceremony at our 9-Riverside headquarters on Riverside Drive. 29 staff members were nominated by their peers for going above and beyond their call of duty in service to clients and fellow colleagues. Speaking during the ceremony, Tony Sahni saluted all the nominees, referring to them as “a true inspiration to the Securex Family.”

“To all the heroes nominated in this edition, I salute you. You continually find ways to live out the noble core values that we so proudly profess time and again, showing our clients what it is that truly sets us apart,” Mr. Sahni said.

Of the 29 nominees, two stood head and shoulders above the rest. Tom Fedha, a Senior Security Officer and Joseph Barasa, one of our drivers, were picked by their peers as this edition’s winners of the Securex Heroes Awards. Mr. Barasa, a well-known and well-loved figure within the Family, has been with us since 1998 and many were astounded to learn that he’s never been involved in any accident in 19 years! Beyond this, he was of great assistance during and after the opening weekend at Two Rivers Mall back in February, enduring very early mornings and late nights to drive our battalion of guards to and from the expansive mall.

Mr. Fedha, in true “Whatever It Takes” fashion, chased after a rogue taxi driver who had damaged a barrier at one of our sites by hopping on a bodaboda and eventually cornering the suspect at a petrol station.

Mr. Sahni, who coincidently happened to be at the scene, recounted the incident saying, “It was at one of our sites at around 10 am one morning and I saw a taxi driver knock over a barrier as he was driving out.”

“I then saw one of our Senior Officers, Mr. Fedha, run after him. There was a bodaboda outside, he stopped him, jumped on and chased after the taxi all the way to a petrol station and cornered him there. I was pleased to see the lengths to which Mr. Fedha went to apprehend the suspect, and I was even more pleased when I learned that the Family has picked him to win.”

Speaking after receiving his award, an emotional Mr. Fedha revealed the motivation behind his diligent service.

“I am very grateful for this award. Some ask what motivates me to put on this uniform and wear the Securex badge every morning, it’s simply my love for Securex. I have been part of the Securex Family since 1994 and I’m still going strong,” Mr. Fedha said.

On his part, Mr. Barasa gave us all a history lesson on how far the company has come in its quest to become a global household name in private security, and the need to preserve this dream.

“I am happy whenever I think about how much we’ve grown as a company. When I started, I was driving a Suzuki Maruti. Now, I’m driving a 52-seater bus. This place has become my second home, and I pray that we continue working together for the benefit of our clients.”

In conclusion, Mr. Sahni urged the rest of the Securex Family to not only live the core values but celebrate those that go out of their way to serve.

“I call on you to continue celebrating those who go out of their way for the cause, those who perform beyond what is expected of them. These stories of courage that we tell, the experiences that we share, are what future generations of the Securex Family will be talking about for years to come.”

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