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Meet the winners of the season 9 Securex Value Awards

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On Thursday, October 1st, Securex held the 9th season of the Securex Values Awards. Started in 2017, the Securex Values Awards is an internal employee recognition scheme that is geared towards promoting the company’s core values which are, “We Are Family” and “Whatever It Takes.” The event was graced by the Securex Chairman, Mr Kishori Lal Sahni and the CEO, Mr Tony Sahni.  

During this year’s event, a total of 11 employees including 10 from the guard force were rewarded. Hilda Thuo, the only employee from the management section was awarded for the core value “Whatever it takes.” following her commendable deed when she spent one of the nights in the office printing and sorting invoice batches and putting them on each collector’s desk, ready for delivery. This sacrifice greatly eased invoicing for the credit team. She was praised for continuously demonstrating our values by always going the extra mile in her work and for her team spirit which is beyond commendable.  

Among the guard force, Christine Nekesa Mutoro was awarded for her diligence. Edina Orina, the Head of Human Resources at Securex Agencies (K) Ltd, noted that clients in all her assignments were always hesitant to let her go during her transfers because of how well she worked and for her dedication to work. She received a smart TV and a voucher. She stated that she did not expect it but promised to continue working hard and encouraged others to do the same.  

Paul Mwangi, a Security Officer was also awarded for thwarting an armed robbery incident at a residence in Muthaiga. During the incident, he was tied up by armed robbers but fortunately, he freed himself and kicked one of the robbers before jumping over the fence and screamed for help. A guard from the neighbouring premises heard him and activated an alarm, prompting the robbers to run away. After receiving his award, he thanked Securex for the award and urged other employees to work hard and be diligent as someone is always watching.   

The final awardee of the day was Patrick Tonui. He led a team of five men working during night shift at a building in the CBD during a fire incident and they managed to put it out before the fire brigade could arrive at the scene. They acted swiftly to evacuate people using the fire safety precautions that are taught when they are training for the job.   

“I’m so happy to win the award,” he stated. “I am so happy to have been recognized. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the rest of my colleagues to work hard to win the same.” Patrick got a smart TV, a subwoofer and a DVD player. 

In his address, Securex CEO Tony Sahni said that he was proud of all those who received an award. He was keen to recognize the efforts depicted by everyone in the year, despite the hardships brought about by the pandemic. 2020 has been a rather tough year. Just when the year was gaining momentum, we found ourselves living through a pandemic. However, your dedication, support and endurance has made us prevail through this difficult year and that’s something I am grateful for” he said.  

Today as we converge here to celebrate some of the most commendable acts of valor that we have witnessed this year, I’d like to emphasize that I have seen you and other Securex family members going an extra mile to ensure satisfactory service delivery to our clients.” 

The CEO concluded by urging everyone to own the program and to make its success their personal ambition.  

The Securex Values Awards is on the verge of creating a big impact in the corporate world in Kenya when it comes to employee recognition and motivation, hence setting a benchmark for other organizations to follow.

Congratulation to all Season nine winners! 

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