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Moving Made Safer: What To Consider When Moving into a New Home

  • Posted by: Lloyd Gitonga

Moving day!

Definitely one of the most exciting days when we were kids. You get to see a different side of town (who doesn’t like adventure?), maybe have a yard at the back of the house to play in, but most importantly, you finally get your own room!

Well, hopefully you did.

Over time, however, we’ve come to find that the excitement on moving day is inversely proportional to one’s age… the older you get, the less exciting and more cumbersome it becomes.

After picking a new home, the next hustle becomes how to move everything safely and with minimum fuss. One critical aspect that we somehow always overlook is our safety before, during and after the D-Day.

Not to worry though, here is where we come in.


Because your safety always comes first, there are a couple of things you need to take care of before moving into your new home. If the doors and windows in your home-to-be are not reinforced with burglar-proofing, this is still something you can get sorted out before making the move. Aside from reinforcing the doors and windows, you should also have someone fix double latches on lower level windows in order to make them harder to compromise. Windows are often your weakest point in your home security set-up.

Additionally, don’t forget to change the locks to your new house! This also goes for any padlocks as well. If the house was secured using a padlock you found there, we recommend that you get your own. You can never be too sure who had access to the house before you bought/rented it. Be sure to check that the outdoors/security lights are all working and consider installing motion sensors that will automatically turn the lights on when someone trespasses, deterring potential intruders. If you have your own compound, ensure the plant cover is trimmed and well-maintained so that any potential intruders don’t have cover to hide in.

Lastly, most house fires are sparked by either negligence or electrical fault. To guard against the latter, it’s advisable to have a qualified electrician/technician come over and check your wiring and electrical equipment around the house. If anything needs replacing, please do so before moving in.


Moving day may still end up being a tiring and sweaty experience, but with our help, at least you can ensure that it’s a safe process. We recommend you bring all the help you can get. It’s always better to hire a professional moving service brand or a few close friends and family that you can trust. If you have infants, young kids, or pets, we would also advise getting someone to watch over them while you do the heavy lifting.

Considering that you’re moving into a new environment, it’s advisable to get there earlier in the day so that you have enough time to unpack and get settled in before it gets dark. If possible, you should also carry everything over in one trip, which draws less attention to yourself, as compared to making multiple trips to and fro. The last thing you want is to have to make multiple trips into a new setting late at night, as you never know who could be watching.


The hard work is now done and you’re revelling in your new home! It would be advisable at this point to get all the unpacking done, store all the big boxes and suitcases away, and settle in as quickly as possible. Past experience indicates that families who have recently moved into a neighbourhood are more likely to get robbed, as compared to those who have been there awhile.

Don’t be shy, get out a little and say hi to a couple of neighbours as you settle in. Making friends is important because good neighbours watch over your property and raise the alarm if they spot something suspicious. Once you’re all done moving the furniture around, also consider inviting your extended family and a few friends over, especially those who live close by. They will prove to be invaluable in case of an emergency.

Don’t you feel safer already just by reading this?

Want to share some tips from your past moving experiences? Kindly do so in the comment section below!

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