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  • Posted by: Lloyd Gitonga

“It is not every day that one puts his/her life before that of others. These men showed great leadership in the face of an armed enemy, truly living one of our core values of “Whatever it takes”Tony Sahni, Group Managing Director.

In July we told you the tale of Dickson Andalo, one of our Mobile Response Team Commanders who put our clients’ lives ahead of his own and in the process took a bullet in the leg. Mr. Andalo was since rewarded for his extreme bravery and fortitude with a trip for two to Mombasa as one of the winners of the Securex Heroes Award, but as it turns out, our MRTs are full of Heroes just like Mr. Andalo. Two more of our MRTs have been involved in thwarting two armed robberies in the past week alone, while a number of suspects have been apprehended and handed over to various Police Stations across Nairobi by our teams as well. We enjoy hearing about and sharing such stories of heroism, when we put all on the line for the sake of those under our care.

On 27/07/2016, a lady, her 9-month-old daughter and her house-help were home in Lavington, looking forward to a lovely dinner when disaster struck. A bedroom door malfunction led to the three being locked inside the room with no way out, while in the kitchen the food on the stove was now burning. Within minutes the house was full of bellowing clouds of poisonous carbon monoxide smoke, a hazardous situation for the family who were trapped with no way out. With the house being locked from the inside, concerned neighbours who attempted to break in to rescue the family grafted and toiled with little success. Our Mobile Response Team was called in, and they spent 45 minutes breaking down the main entrance to the home. The mom, her house-help and their 9-month-old baby, now unconscious, were rescued and rushed to a nearby medical facility, from which they made a full recovery. Such was the level of carbon monoxide poisoning in the house that our MRT members later had to be rushed to hospital for treatment as well.

Fast-forward three weeks later, on 15/08/2016, when an armed gang of seven broke into an office complex on Madaraka Road, off Langata Road. The gang managed to overpower two private security guards manning the premises before beginning to ransack the offices for valuables. Our Mobile Response Team reinforced with armed Police Officers was called in, and the seven were forced to flee as they sighted our team approaching. As a result of their timely intervention, over 30 computers were recovered from the thugs.

Barely a week later, on 23/08/2016, eight armed men broke into and attempted to rob a residence in Lavington. The gang found two private security guards on assignment and tied them up, but were also forced to flee as one of our Mobile Response Teams responded promptly to contain the situation. Nothing was stolen as a result, and no injuries were reported as well. The most recent couple of such incidents occurred two days ago, when an unknown number of gunmen broke into a residence along Eldama Ravine Road, Westlands, but were forced to flee as one of our MRTs reinforced with Police back-up responded to the situation. The gang had managed to gain entry to the house by removing blocks from the rear perimeter wall.

On the same night, armed thugs broke into a marketing and advertising company in Kileleshwa. They tied up a private security guard manning the premises before proceeding to raid the offices for valuables. One of our MRTs, reinforced with armed Police officers, was dispatched. With our assistance, one robber was gunned down while two others were arrested as they attempted to flee into a nearby residential property. Home theatre systems, laptops, mobile phones, tablets among other office equipment were recovered as well. In a bizarre twist, as we visited the premises the following morning to ascertain that all was well after the foiled robbery, one suspect involved in the previous night’s robbery attempt was discovered hiding in a water tank. He was of course promptly fished out by our MRTs and escorted to the Kileleshwa Police Station.

Such selfless acts in the line of duty aptly demonstrate our core values, doing “Whatever it takes” to protect those under our care and beyond, treating all like “Family”. The fact that none of above would-be victims was one of our clients goes to prove this further. This is the stuff that our Securex Heroes are made of, and we salute them all today!

“The teams showed inhuman courage, and this is what we do every day really,” said John Ogutu, Senior Operations Manager at Securex.

“We are proud that they all executed skills imparted to them during our specialised training sessions, and we do not take it lightly when they excel as they have been.”

“We are also cognizant of the dangers we expose ourselves to every day, and are constantly introducing measures like riot shields, dispatching multiple back-up teams for reinforcement, and specialised training sessions and refresher courses to keep our men safe.”

Well done to the team!

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