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Securex is the trusted name in the provision of security solutions to a wide range of clients.

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Our clients believe we are Dedicated. Reliable. Trustworthy.

Be it a shopping mall that is need of customer friendly staff, an industrial property that needs a tight knit security solution, or even residential apartments that need the smiling guard, Securex has the answer.

It is for this reason that organizations and clients across different sectors have chosen us as their trusted security service provider. This includes diplomatic missions, hospitality, commercial buildings and hospitals, amongst others.

What they say about Securex

My story on my experience with Securex is coming a little too late but it’s better late than never! On 15 June 2017 at about 2 am, I was driving to work at around Kabansora on North Airport Road towards Cabanas.

The car I was driving lost control and rolled several times into a ditch facing the direction I had come from. It was lying on its driver side in a ditch with me inside, helpless. Within a few minutes, some people came and were happy to learn that I was still alive. Among them were guys from Securex who had come there in a pick-up truck. They assisted me to get out of the wreck as one of my legs was broken and the other was stuck as it was pinned under the steering wheel. Together with other well-wishers, they managed to call an ambulance which came in good time and I was attended to by the Red Cross crew.

I was taken to Kenyatta Hospital and I thank God that I am alive and almost fully recovered. I wish to request the Securex management to recognize on my behalf- the Securex guys who were on duty on the night of 14th-15th June 2017 on North Airport Road with a pick-up truck. They helped me and I trust that God saw their helpful hearts and for sure God has or shall reward them for their deeds. I thank you all.

You guys are the best… the other day, my car refused to start and I had parked it at Garden City Mall. I didn’t know what to do since it was raining heavily and it was so late that I couldn’t get any mechanic around.

However, two of your security officers, Josphat Wambua and Martin Okumu, assured me of my car’s safety; and when I came back the following day my car was unharmed. This made me happy… Thank you Securex guys at Garden City Mall, you guys are the best.

Last night (4th May 2018) my car stalled near TWO RIVERS MALL at 9 pm. I stayed there for two hours and couldn’t even move it because it had a computer error due to a dipped beam that had stopped working and the battery had drained.

At 10:30 pm, four friendly gentlemen in a patrol/rescue pick-up stationed around 2 Rivers came to my rescue without me asking and literally helped me push it to Total Gas station in Ruaka while the driver of the truck drove behind us to prevent impatient drivers plunging into us. It was drizzling. They encouraged me in my distress and refused to leave until I was safe.

This humbled me. Those four gentlemen are my heroes of the month! They made sure I was safe and wished me well. In the midst of the distress, I didn’t take their names. Please tell them that I am humbled and appreciative of what they did. Because of this, I’m registering my emergency help with Securex! I would like to visit your offices to find out what you offer.

I promised Mr. Wambua I’d do this before midnight. My apologies… it’s 2:05 am and I can’t get over it. I don’t dish out 5-star ratings freely. If somebody somewhere doesn’t get a promotion out of this then my name is not Christopher Mnene!! I have two stories today, one from Riverfront, Chiromo and Garden City Mall, Thika rd. I will start with the latter…

They say a fish rots from the head but not in this case. After a family outing at Riverfront eating waffles at Connect Coffee Roasters, my wife and son decided to take in a movie at Garden City. Right from the gate, the service Securex staff accorded us was beyond belief!! Prompt and courteous, helpful and friendly. We walked through metal detectors while escorted with cordial greetings and smiles. I mean, it was effortless. Much kudos to the commanding officer Mr. Wambua (I made a friend today) for delegating responsibility to his team in a way that seems effortless and leaves the competition in the dust.

While I acknowledge the challenge of managing a facility as large as Garden City, the flow of human and vehicular traffic was seamless. Rewind back to Riverfront and the in-charge John, assisted by Joshua, accorded my family and I the leeway to roam unhindered in a building and parking area where even our young children felt safe and at home. My problem is who to ascribe credit to… perhaps it’s superior training. Either way, I have previously explored Securex products and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your people, services or products!! Well in Securex. If I didn’t have pressing duties, I’d seriously consider a career with your company. I’m speechless with delight and delirious with anticipation as to when I’ll next meet a Securex officer!! Kindly convey my most sincere commendation for today. Thanks for a great experience!!

Securex is indeed an amazing team. Lost my phone and got it back as it was. For sure it raises diligent and honest soldiers who respect their work and those they serve. I also say thanks to Benard Kwayu and a certain lady who gave me back my phone after they found it lost at Garden City. God bless you guys. SECUREX KEEP PRESSING ON.

I appreciate the help I received from Mr. Andrew of Securex Agencies this morning at Lavington. My car had broken down and he assisted me in getting back on the road. I greatly appreciate his service.

Your staff at Garden City Mall are exceptionally good. They are very empathetic and go out of their way to help people. On Monday evening (yesterday) at around 8pm, I dropped my phone in the spaces of the lift. I was very confused and worried, but two of your staff, Wambua and Osoro reassured me that they would retrieve it the following day when the lift maintenance company came by. They went ahead and helped me carry my luggage to the parking lot and traced my cab driver…seeing as my phone was lost and there was no way to contact the driver. I gave them a contact they would use to reach me when they found my phone.

Less than an hour later, they had found it…and informed us to collect it. I was very impressed when they said they had thought of another way to retrieve it after I had left.
Now this is not a trait you find in people everywhere you go. Especially people who’s services/actions towards customers do not directly affect them.

I am extremely grateful to the two lovely men. And the Securex team at Garden City Mall…exceptional people! Keep it up!

Thank you Securex for helping my daughter today at Lavington Curve… she drove into a ditch while exiting and you did not hesitate to offer assistance without her asking. The car has been picked up by AA and taken to the garage. Please get in touch for a personal thank you.

The guard at the basement of Lavington Curve Mall made my day! Best service and reception I’ve had in ages!

I like the way Securex does their work. I used to see their men and women in uniform at the World Bank premises in Upperhill, security was tight!

You are doing great work, kudos! Having seen how hard your guards work to achieve the best and how organized your people are, I do recommend you as a company.

The security guards and guardettes at Yaya and the Junction are great and courteous. They make my visits memorable.

Always @SecurexEA standing out from the crowd, I like the way the team is handling security issues in Kenya.

OMG! A car-green convertible beetle just lit up at Yaya Centre basement! #StillShook! Good work @SecurexEA you saved the day! That chap should be lauded, everyone else stood or scampered, our eyebrows woulda been razed!

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