December 29, 2017

Party Responsibly: How to Stay Safe while at the Club

Three young men nearly paid for their generosity with their lives when the two women they had invited to a party in their house in Pipeline, Embakasi, drugged and tried […]

Party Responsibly: How to Stay Safe while at the Club

Three young men nearly paid for their generosity with their lives when the two women they had invited to a party in their house in Pipeline, Embakasi, drugged and tried to rob them. The three were found comatose and naked on the floor.

The guards caught one of the women trying to escape with valuables and went to check on the house occupants. The fourth victim, the only one in a stable condition, recounted how he and his friends invited the women to their table at a popular Nairobi club. They decided to extend the celebration to a friend’s house. The two were alleged to have stolen a laptop and a camera from the victims. (The Standard, 27th December 2017)


Four men, including the Murang’a DCI chief, have been drugged and robbed while in bars in Murang’a in less than a week. The drug used by the gang is reportedly capable of knocking out a victim for several days. The officer was having supper when two women approached him and laced his drink with the drug.

According to the police, the gang works in groups of three or four. It waits in the parking lot of an entertainment joint and once it identifies a target, two women approach the reveller when he orders a drink or food. The men then go for the reveller once he is drugged. The gang takes the victim’s car keys and drives away with him. (Daily Nation, 9th October 2017)


If there’s ever a time when bars and night clubs are most popular, it’s probably over the holiday season. Revellers out for a good time fill pubs and bring the city to life at night, while NTSA are probably running out of stock of those beloved Alcoblow gadgets. Some prefer to turn up at the uptown clubs in Westlands and the suburbs, while others prefer to keep it low-key at their local pub. Whatever your scene, we’re all out for a good time.

That being said, you’ve probably had your fair share of security concerns in the past while on a night out. You might have lost your phone in the crowd while counting down seconds to the New Year, or someone might have pinched your bag while you weren’t looking. Fights are sometimes picked over the most petty of issues, and in the extreme, some have woken up in strange environments without a penny in their pockets.

With 31st December on the horizon, you’re probably looking for somewhere “kuvukia mwaka.” Before you go on that rave though, here’s a little safety checklist for you to consider:

  • Plan ahead: We understand that spontaneity makes things more fun, but it’s safer to have everything mapped out in advance. Where are you going to rave? How will you get there? For how long will you stay out? Who’ll be the designated driver?


  • Safety in numbers: Generally, it’s ideal to go out in a group as you can then look out for each other. Ladies, don’t let your girl go to the washroom on her own for instance. Not too big a group though, as it would be hard to keep tabs on everyone.
  • Rave light: Limit the valuables that you carry with you on a night out. Avoid carrying large sums of money as well. This might also help keep your alcohol intake in check. You’d also be limiting risk in the event of an armed robbery.
  • Monitor your alcohol intake: The more alcohol you take in, the harder it is for you to see trouble coming and the more likely you are to do something risky.
  • Stay alert: Periodically check to ensure that your valuables, bags and wallets are still intact. In fact, try keep these on you or in your line of sight at all times. Let a loved one know where you are and what time you intend to head back home.
  • Be your brother’s keeper: Watch over those around you, even those beyond your circle of friends. If you see something out of the ordinary, say something. You’d want someone to look out for you too.
  • Food and drinks: Do not accept food or drink from strangers. Never leave your drink unattended as cases of individuals being drugged are pretty commonplace nowadays. Spiking of drinks can cause anything from drowsiness and nausea to amnesia and loss of inhibition, leaving one vulnerable.

  • Local pub vs Uptown: Some patrons would rather keep it low-profile in the hood, preferring to maintain a “minimum staggering distance” (we wouldn’t recommend that you let things get that far though).
  • Have an exit plan: Whether you’re in the local or beyond borders, you need to know how you will get home before you leave. For those at the local, have a trusted bodaboda rider or family member on speed dial. If you’ll be taking a taxi ride home instead, send a screenshot of the driver’s details as well as the car’s particulars to a loved one.
  • Have a plan B: You always need a contingency plan right? Have a trusted person who you can quickly ring in the dead of the night to pick you up, or someone who would allow you to crash at their place if you’re unable to get home.

Remember to enjoy responsibly folks!

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year, and a prosperous 2018.

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