Security solutions provider Securex Agencies has launched a smart home security kit targeting domestic residences.

Branded as the ‘Rafiki by Securex’ do-it-yourself (DIY) home security kit, the solution will help to curb the increasing burglary incidences in domestic homes by providing surveillance, deterrence, self-monitoring, and response subscription, all via their smartphone application.

The ‘Rafiki by Securex’ solution is designed to offer affordable security solutions to all those looking for an affordable, easy-to-manage security system that they can access at any time, from anywhere using their home Wi-Fi connection.

The basic kit will retail online at Kshs 6,500 and will come equipped with a router and intrusion detection capabilities. Users will also have the ability to purchase additional security accessories that suit their different needs, such as door contact sensors, motion sensors, cameras, and even smart lighting.

“Over the years offering security solutions to our customers, we have recognized that most security services are not always available to the average Kenyan household. Security should not be a privilege; it is our basic right. To boost the safety of our nation, we saw it prudent to offer an accessible solution, where customers can always have eyes and ears on their homes and loved ones, knowing they are at ease, even when away from home” said Securex CEO Tony Sahni.

Rafiki by Securex will offer a range of smart home products, that is, security kits, smart locks, and lighting solutions such as motion sensors and movable CCTV cameras which users can monitor on their mobile phones.


“Security is a crucial element for the country’s economic development. The government played its role by allocating a budget of Kshs 168billion for 2020/2021 to ensure that security agencies are well equipped to help fight crime in Kenya. The onus is now on us to take that additional step and take control of our personal security and contribute to the safety and in turn growth of our nation. The government cannot do it on its own. With an easily accessible digital solution like this, we at Securex believe will help prevent, detect and deter criminals, leading to the subsequent reduction of crime in Nairobi,” said Tony.

The Rafiki by Securex product and the accompanying accessories will be sold via the Securex online shop, soko.securexafrica.com. The home-kit comes ready to use; thus, no technicians are needed to install the solution.


Celebrating Diwali Safely During COVID-19

Diwali is one of the popularly celebrated festivals in Asian communities all over the world. This year’s Diwali is around the corner and it is not it looks like the festivities will not be as grand and exquisite as the previous years. In the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, all the festivities have been muted this year. The regular gift exchange, meetings with relatives and friends, fireworks-everything that is synonymous with Diwali, and used to take place until last year is not going to happen this year.  

Diwali without fireworks? Yep, sounds about accurate. This will not be the first time this happens in Kenya. Years back, a firework ban was affected when the government officials said they fear that criminals and terrorists could use the cover of fireworks and festivities to infiltrate crowds and cause mayhem. This was right after Kenya’s defense forces got into Somalia to intervene in Al-Shabab. This year, however, the ban is seeking to ensure that social gatherings are limited.   

So how will we go about our festivities? Well, the idea of a Zoom Diwali doesn’t sound too bad, does it? As much as Covid-19 has altered a lot, including how we make merry, it has not altered our spirits! You can still enjoy Diwali and adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines.  

Online Shopping 

Diwali gives a great opportunity to gift. During the Covid-19 pandemic, physical interactions are limited, nevertheless, you can still safely award your friends and family with gifts from wherever they are through online shopping. Most online shops now have crazy Black Friday deals throughout November, meaning you can still gift your loved ones and friends without having to go shopping.  

Send Diwali cards to loved ones 

You may not be able to gather with your loved ones this year or watch fireworks together, however, you can still celebrate with them via a virtual event, share sentiments about the season share your Diwali wishes via e-cards to them. Believe it or not, you can have your lunch or dinner with your loved ones via zoom.  

As you enjoy your virtual gatherings or Diwali celebrations at home, remember safety comes first. Below are five ways you can do this  

Avoid Fireworks  

During the Diwali festivities, avoid fireworks, burning waste, or dry leaves in a bonfire as any form of smoke can trigger serious health concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Carbon particles from fumes and chemical vapors from burning waste may worsen a pre-existing allergic disorder. Vapor particles may stick to the nostrils for a long time, aggravating allergic reactions, among other respiratory illnesses that may hasten your chances of getting Covid-19. 

Safeguard the Elderly   

Avoid trips to visit your aged family members. The elderly should remain at home if possible, you can organize a virtual meeting for them with the other family members.   

Keep Alcohol-based Sanitizers away from fire 

Refrain from using hand sanitizers that are alcohol-based before lighting Diyas or candles. The sanitizers are flammable and can cause fire hazards. Experts recommend that you wash your hands with soap and water before doing something that involves fire.  Keep A Safe Distance  

Festivity is all about getting together and strengthening ties. But this festive season, try to adapt to the new normal and stop meeting people physically. Namaste is the perfect way to welcome people right now. Celebrate Diwali by staying indoors this year.  

Remember to wear your Mask 

It is vital to be responsible and take care of yourself by adhering to the set Covid-19 guidelines. Covid-19 made the use of the mask possible. Therefore, always remember to cover your nose and mouth every time you step out.

Happy Diwali to you all!



On Thursday, October 1, 2020, Securex held the 9th season of the Securex Values Awards. Started in 2017, the Securex Values Awards is an internal employee recognition scheme that is geared towards promoting the company’s core values which are, “We are Family” and “Whatever it takes.” The event was graced by the Securex Chairman, Mr Kishori Lal Sahni and the CEO, Mr Tony Sahni.  

During this year’s event, a total of 11 employees including 10 from the guard force were rewarded. Hilda Thuo, the only employee from the management section was awarded for the core value “Whatever it takes.” following her commendable deed when she spent one of the nights in the office printing and sorting invoice batches and putting them on each collector’s desk, ready for delivery. This sacrifice greatly eased invoicing for the credit team. She was praised for continuously demonstrating our values by always going the extra mile in her work and for her team spirit which is beyond commendable.  

Among the guard force, Christine Nekesa Mutoro was awarded for her diligence. Edina Orina, the Head of Human Resources at Securex Agencies (K) Ltd, noted that clients in all her assignments were always hesitant to let her go during her transfers because of how well she worked and for her dedication to work. She received a smart TV and a voucher. She stated that she did not expect it but promised to continue working hard and encouraged others to do the same.  

Paul Mwangi, a Security Officer was also awarded for thwarting an armed robbery incident at a residence in Muthaiga. During the incident, he was tied up by armed robbers but fortunately he freed himself and kicked one of the robbers before jumping over the fence and screamed for help. A guard from the neighbouring premises heard him and activated an alarm, prompting the robbers to run away. After receiving his award, he thanked Securex for the award and urged other employees to work hard and be diligent as someone is always watching.   

The final awardee of the day was Patrick Tonui. He led a team of five men working during night shift at a building in the CBD during a fire incident and they managed to put it out before the fire brigade could arrive at the scene. They acted swiftly to evacuate people using the fire safety precautions that is taught when they are training for the job.   

“I’m so happy to win the award,” he stated. “I am so happy to have been recognized. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the rest of my colleagues to work hard to win the same.” Patrick got a smart TV, subwoofer and a DVD player. 

In his address the Securex CEO Tony Sahni said thet he was proud of all those who received an award. He was keen to recognize the efforts depicted by everyone in the year, despite the hardships brought about by the pandemic. 2020 has been a rather tough year. Just when the year was gaining momentum, we found ourselves living through a pandemic. However, your dedication, support and endurance has made us prevail through this difficult year and that’s something I am grateful for” he said.  

Today as we converge here to celebrate some of the most commendable acts of valor that we have witnessed this year, I’d like to emphasize that I have seen you and other Securex family members going an extra mile to ensure satisfactory service delivery to our clients.” 

The CEO concluded by urging everyone to own the program and to make its success their personal ambition.  

The Securex Values Awards is on the verge of creating a big impact in the corporate world in Kenya when it comes to employee recognition and motivation, hence setting a benchmark for other organizations to follow. Congratulation to all Season nine winners! 

The Best and Fast Solution for Skin-surface Temperature Screening

It is now evident that COVID-19 will be with us for a long time. While there have been breakthroughs in some parts of the world like Russia discovering a vaccine, getting a cure for the virus will take longer than anticipated.  As such, we have had to embrace the new normal that is social distancing, wearing of face masks frequent hand-washing and so on. 

Security checks have now become more than just a hand-held or a walk-through metal detector with temperature screening devices including non-contact infrared thermometers being introduced. This product has now become essential for every entrance security. With the infectious COVID-19 increasing the necessity of temperature screening in every entrance.  

For so long, Kenya relied on conventional techniques like the use of ear thermometers and mercury thermometers, which perform well in detecting individuals with strange skin-surface temperature. However, these techniques have clear and huge inadequacies when it comes to dealing with highly infectious situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because their use is dependent on close contact among users, leading to a higher risk of infection. 

At Securex, we are continuously working to provide the safest products for you. One such product is the non-contact infrared thermometer. 

his hand-held equipment has a large-screen display hence is easy to read from. It is also fast, with a measurement time <0.5 seconds and will save you time. It is easy-to-use and saves power, featuring one-button measurement, simple and convenient operation and it has an automatic power-saving shut down for 15 seconds without operation. Finally, it has a variety of uses as it has dual-mode temperature measurement. It can measure human body temperature/material temperature/water temperature and even ambient temperature. 

Apart from the non-contact infrared thermometer, you can also install thermal cameras for temperature screening.

Thermal cameras are designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures so as to achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening in entrances with high footfall. This solution incorporates competent technologies, instead of manpower alone saving you a lot of time especially when screening a large group of people. Apart from complimenting manpower, this solution also decreases contact among individuals as opposed to the non-contact infrared thermometer.  

Advantages of using Thermal Cameras for temperature screening  

  • Help you focus on security: While ordinary thermometers read accurate temperatures, they have their shortcomings. Most people are getting a lot of challenges when it comes to sourcing for the right personnel to operate the thermometer. For this reason, most companies have opted to give to Security Officers to operate the non-contact infrared thermometers which will limit the officers’ attention on security. This is where thermal cameras come in handy. By installing a thermal camera, the burden of looking for personnel is eased as the solutions do automatic temperature screening with sound notification in case of any temperature above normal. 
  • High-efficiency: Thermal cameras have a high-efficiency rate in all their applications with the capability to screen temperature for up to 10 people at a time. This solution incorporates competent technologies, instead of manpower alone, and it is a much better choice as it is ideal for screening temperatures at entrances. 
  • High speed: On top of being efficient, thermal cameras for temperature screening saves on time. The cameras have the ability to produce high-quality images without getting affected by environmental factors as it is sensitive. 
  • Integration: Above all, thermal cameras can be integrated with not only an existing surveillance system to detect skin-surface temperature but also other security equipment, such as walk-through metal detectors.  

Thermal cameras are ideal in entrances of buildings with high footfall such as Supermarkets, Restaurants, Factories, Hospitals, Airports, Churches, Huduma Centers, Office Complexes, Shopping Malls among others.   

Get in touch with us for more discussions on Thermal Cameras or a quote.  

Security app with a medical emergency response

Its 10:30pm. You just got into bed after a long day running around Nairobi, doing what you do best to put food on the table. You’re lost in your thoughts, reminiscing. Today was a bad day. First, the workload is massive because of COVID-19 related disruptions. And then the rains made the roads so slippery that you spent twice as much time as you usually do to get home. Finally, it’s July one of the coldest months of the year in Kenya.  

Twenty minutes later, you doze off. However, you’re up before midnight because you are feeling breathless. Your chest feels tight like someone knitted your organs. You are struggling to breathe.  

“Sigh. Here we go again,” you think. 

You have been here before: an asthmatic attack. Of all days, today when you left your inhaler in the office. To add insult to injury, you cannot send your neighbor out for one because it’s within curfew hours and going out could lead to their arrest.  What now? Yes, you know what! Securex App! 

Very fast, you reach out for your phone and raise a medical alert. Within a minute, your alert has been responded to and an ambulance has been dispatched. Thankfully, ambulances are essential services. 

We can only do so much to prevent emergencies. However, mitigating their effects falls squarely on how well equipped we are to get things back in our control. A minute is enough to save a life. 

With the medical uncertainties in the world today, the main concern for you is how to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus and in the unfortunate events you do, all you want is the best care possible to recover. With the Securex Security App, we are pushing the envelope as far as technology is concerned with the aim of encouraging more citizens to take up private security services in the realization of our purpose to create freedom by making everyday life safer.   

So, what is the Securex Security App and how does it work?   

The Securex Security App enables users to raise a security alert in case of an emergency and be guaranteed for immediate emergency response. The App, currently available for free download on Google Play store, allows users to add emergency contacts, send an SOS alert to pre-registered emergency contacts, and the Securex 24/7 command and control center in case of an emergency.   

  • After registration, a user will be required to add emergency contacts who will be notified in case of an emergency.
  • Once a user triggers an alert, they are prompted to select the nature of their emergency. This then allows Securex to mobilize appropriate response depending on the incident in question.  
  • The alert, along with the user’s geographical location, is sent out to their emergency contacts in the form of an SMS. It is worth noting that the user does not incur any mobile charges in sending out an alert, so one does not need airtime to ask for help. However, the app uses GPS signals to transmit alerts, therefore, users be required to enable the GPS option on their phone.
  • Users can also use the app to follow their loved ones by enabling the follow me button on the app. Users will first add their loved ones to the Securex App to be able to see and follow them on the map. This is extremely helpful if you want to know when your loved ones arrive or depart from work, school, home, or even a party.    
  • The app also offers location-based real-time alerts to keep you in the know of what is happening in the country and at the moment these alerts are accompanied by information about COVID-19 pandemic and traffic updates. 

Apart from security emergencies, users can also raise a medical emergency through the App. With the current health crisis in the country, Securex has partnered with reliable ambulance service providers to enable users to raise COVID-19 medical emergencies at an affordable rate.     

This advancement in security has seen more locals taking up private security given the lure of having a premium security service in one’s pocket and available at the push of a button. The App is free to download from Android and Apple stores. All features on the app are free to use except for security and medical response.


Social distancing at home this Easter? Make security your top priority

Customarily, most of the country is in high gear over the Easter holiday making vacation plans, from family reunions to road trips, to celebrate the occasion. However, following the directive on a 21-day cessation of movement between counties in efforts to combat COVID-19, majority of Kenyans have had to change or cancel their Easter travel plans.

The lack of ‘natural surveillance’ has resulted in criminals taking advantage of quieter streets and unoccupied homes over holidays to break into homes. But this year will be different as families have been advised to stay at home and avoid large crowded places due to the pandemic.

Even though we will all be at home this Easter, you are still advised to remain vigilant, as the recent spike in crime is still expected to continue due to the harsh economic conditions forcing people to turn to break-ins and robberies in an effort to make ends meet.

The best cover against opportunistic thieves, burglars or armed robberies is to prepare your property by implementing extra protections outside and inside your home. Here are a few tips to help you stay at home with peace of mind:

Home Security    

Lock your security gates at all times and ensure the keys have been removed from the lock. Opened gates or gates with keys hanging on the locks are inviting to burglars. Burglars are not very keen on confrontations and are likely to look for soft targets.

Activate your early warning systems such as your electric fence and garden beams especially at night. All perimeter security systems should be linked to your alarm response transmitter or to your siren for early alerts in case of any intrusion.

Ensure your security systems are functioning properly, and all features are in use. Alarm features such as zoning allow you to safeguard certain areas of your property which hold high-value goods. Zoning can be a complicated process and you can contact your security services provider to service the systems and zone them for you.

Security should be a family affair. Educate your loved ones on the security systems you have in place, let them know where panic buttons are located, how to use them and who to contact in case of an emergency.

With schools closed, you can also get your kids involved in ensuring the security of your home. This is by giving them security responsibilities such as closing doors and windows or even arming the alarm at night together. You can also involve the kids in role-playing emergency scenarios for them to know and understand what to do in case someone breaks in if a fire starts out or there is a medical emergency. Finally, you can engage them in creating, painted posters for emergency contact numbers and sticking them on the fridge or anywhere you deem fit in the house.

Business Security     

As you focus on your home security, it is also important not to forget about your business. Most businesses are now closed in the country due to COVID-19 with a few of people working from home and essential services going about their normal operations.

Over the years, we have come to learn that burglars tend to target small and medium-sized enterprises that appear to not to have invested adequately in security measures. In shops, night break-ins and robberies have been very common in the country lately with a number of businesses that used to operate round the clock that are now closed due to the dusk-dawn curfew. With the four-day Easter break coming up, it is important to enhance the security at your business. Here are a few tips to guide you on this.

Revise Security Protocols

Be sure to have security protocols in place and ensure everyone remembers their role in keeping the office safe. If you have security guards in place, go through your security protocols with them and with your security service provider to ensure nothing is left to chance. Additionally, if you feel the security is not enough, you can ask your security service provider to deploy additional guards for enhanced patrols before you return.

Check on your Security Systems   

You are also advised to bolster your perimeter security and emergency response systems as well, to deter potential intruders and to ensure prompt response in the event that thugs do break-in. This is where intruder alarms and a reliable alarm response provider come in handy. With IP CCTV cameras, you’re able to monitor your business in real-time to make sure you stay on top of things even while you’re away.

It is also important to check on your system wiring. Most fires are caused by electrical faults and the last thing you’d want is to lose your prized assets over something that is easily preventable. We would advise that you have a qualified electrician check on your wiring and electrical equipment so you can replace any frayed cables or damaged equipment that could pose a fire risk.

Do not leave anything to chance this Easter holiday. Keep safe and stay healthy.

Securex Lady Employees Get a Treat in Honour of International Women’s Day

“I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity. And I want to be respected in all of my femaleness because I deserve to be.” —Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Such was the atmosphere yesterday as Securex ladies assembled at the Securex Headquarters along Riverside Drive for a motivational talk. The ceremony was graced by the Securex Executive Director who is also a lady madam Anju Sahni. The guest speaker was madam Rachael Akidi Okwir, the Head of BBC East Africa Languages who took the ladies through the topic “gaining confidence in the workplace.”

Rachael Akidi Okwir (left) with Securex Executive Director Anju Sahni.

From the onset, her talk was full of confidence. She touched on a wide range of things, such as how to boost your confidence and find your voice in a multi-cultural environment, keeping your focus, learning to be your authentic self, desiring to be excellent at everything you do and motivating yourself from within.

Having been a part of BBC World Service since 2002 as a producer, Rachael’s career has been a culmination of all things multicultural, first, starting off in a media house that was male-dominated and then moving on to work in London where she was part of the minority black community. Nevertheless, she rose and has never stopped rising.

As we develop in our careers, we are glad as women to have this knowledge. Moving forward, we shall be on the forefront in believing in ourselves even when no one does, through setting our own benchmarks of success and confronting our fears.

In her parting shot, Madam Anju noted that one-third of Securex staff is made of women. True to this year’s theme of #EachforEqual, the women of Securex are all individually challenging stereotypes, fighting bias, broadening perceptions and improving situations and succeeding in the security industry, which is very male-dominated.

“We are grateful to Madam Rachael for taking her time to join us and share her own story with us in a way that we could all relate.” Concluded madam Anju. Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender-equal world. Happy International Women’s Day!

A group photo from the session.

Securex 2020 Scholarship Award Ceremony

Friday 3rd January 2020 saw the addition of eight new beneficiaries to the Securex’ annual scholarship program, bringing the total number of students that have gone through the scheme to 38. Awardees will have their tuition fees catered for through the entirety of their secondary school curriculum.

The event saw hard work bearing fruit for the students, all of whom were visibly excited and happy. Speaking during the awards ceremony held at the Securex 9Riverside Headquarters Faith Nyokabi stated that she was overwhelmed and spoke of her gratitude for the opportunity to further her learning. Isaac Okiro was equally excited and thankful for supporting him in his quest to achieving his dreams of being an architect.

Securex CEO Tony Sahni addressing one of the beneficiaries

An elated Jacob Ojijo, whose son Gregory Ochieng Otieno scored 388 marks to secure admission to Tenwek High School noted that the Initiative was a relief to him. Mr. Moses Okiro who has been an employee of Securex Agencies Limited for 25 years expressed his appreciation to the company’s chairman and CEO for their continuous effort to recognize the officers, which motivates them to even work harder and demonstrates the Securex culture of We Are Family.

While giving the keynote address during the ceremony, Securex C.E.O Tony Sahni was quick to laud the students for their hard work.

“To the stars of today’s show, our dear children, the heartiest of congratulations to you for your hard work and stellar performance in your K.C.P.E exams,” said Mr. Sahni.

The CEO gave the students a chance to share their ambitions with the attendees. Asked what he’d like to be, John Valentine Wangila had no hesitation stating that he aims to become a neurosurgeon in order to save lives while a visibly excited Caleb Nyamisi hopes to become a journalist so that he tells the stories of Kenya. Other students who formed the Class of 2019 were Matandi Musa (399 marks) and Danson Juma (394 marks).

Mr. Sahni went on to urge the students to maintain the same hunger for success throughout their high school curriculum, assuring the students of the company’s commitment towards ensuring that they have every chance of achieving their dreams.

“You have all told us your hopes and dreams, and in that I see desire and ambition unbound. Thank you for allowing us to share this warm moment with you. Now that you have all promised to keep shining in high school; here is my promise to you: We will do whatever it takes, whatever we can, to see your dreams come to pass.”

Given that the scholarship scheme also doubles as an employee recognition program, Mr. Sahni was full of appreciation for the role that the parents played; not only in the students’ lives but also in the growth of the brand.

Mr. Sahni concluded by outlining the firm’s plans to expand and enrich the scheme, ensuring continuity even beyond the student’s K.C.S.E exams in four years’ time.

Congratulations to our class of 2020, go forth and continue the greatness!

A complete guide to Fleet Management, Logistics and Personal Tracking

Have you ever been involved in a situation where you are out with your family and you confidently park your car and anxiously alight and dash to grab something to eat in a restaurant? After enjoying the sumptuous meal, you happily return back to the parking lot after having paid parking fees only to find your car is missing. It is always a painful tragedy and while standing at that point, so much exhumes you hence detonating millions of unanswerable questions. You decide to rush to the nearest police post only to realize you had not installed any tracking system on it.

Many people suffer from the wrong perception that they live and drive only in safe areas hence having a tracking system is a waste of time and money for them. With the recent increase of car theft incidents, there is a dire need to have a tracking system or a fleet management solution for your vehicle or fleet. Every week, at least six incidents of car thefts are reported. There are car syndicates all over that are always watching the movement of your fleet. These syndicates are devising new ways of stealing cars including jamming tracking systems and deactivating them. Within minutes, the thieves are in control of your car and they drive to their secret hubs where the stolen car is disassembled and sold in spare parts. The car that you worked so hard to buy at a 1.3 million shillings ends up being sold at Kshs. 100,000 in spare parts. 

“On September 6, 2019, I parked my car at Zion Mall, when I went to the parking place two hours later, it was missing. I have positively identified my car’s windscreens,” One victim narrated his story to the press. This is one of the many car theft incidents that have been reported in the media this year. Last week, October 7, police in Eldoret impounded eight stolen cars and arrested seven suspects in connection to the theft. The seven were arrested from Bomet, Kericho and Uasin Gishu counties. On September 15, police officers in Nakuru and Nyeri seized a vehicle they believed was stolen from Nyeri and arrested four suspects. The owner said he had parked the car at Mt. Kenya bottlers but did not find it when he returned. On June 23, five people were arrested in connection with a car theft syndicate in the central region. They were arrested while attempting to sell a car that the police believed had been stolen. On May 26, thugs broke into a residential house stole a motor vehicle and household goods. On January 10, Police in Eldoret unearthed a vehicle theft syndicate where criminals steal cars then dismantle them before selling spare parts to unsuspecting Kenyans. The stories are the same in every part of the country. 

Police unearth a car theft syndicate in Eldoret (Picture Courtesy)

Anti Car-Jamming Capabilities

As much as these thieves spend time devising new ways to con you, we are also spending sleepless nights to come up with solutions that will ensure your safety and security. We are increasingly investing in technologies that we know will help you secure your vehicle or fleets. We are not only offering you a vehicle tracking system but also ensuring that the system can detect any jamming attempts and send the necessary signals to secure your vehicle. So how does it work, our tracking sensors have inbuilt sensors that detect the signal with excellent quality and gives you information via SMS or email directly to your device of choice. With this information, you can either activate command of choice or automatically set a command such as cut off oil or lock doors in case jamming is detected. 

Fleet Logistics & Fuel Management

Customer satisfaction is always a priority in business. When the customer is happy, the business graph is always on the high side. But if the customer is unhappy due to late delivery, then the business is in turmoil. As a fleet manager, we can help you manage your delivery operations well. This is through our fleet logistics solution that will help you to plan your routes by selecting orders and vehicles and get preliminary routes comprising data on the estimated arrival time and mileage. Through our solution you can also use Google maps data for precise address info and routing. On top of this, you can track your delivery process in real-time and respond to emerging issues through phone calls or chats with the driver. You can also get notifications and communicate with the client once the delivery is complete.

Most businesses realize their profits through cost-cutting. Fuel is one of the factors that are prioritized when it comes to this expedition. However, the more you try to save, the more you find yourself spending on fuel. With our fuel management solution, you will be able to make better decisions on fuel economy, prevent fraud and reduce fuel costs dramatically. This solution enables fuel usage analytics which will offer you insight on the fuel consumption of your fleet and if the fuel gut has been tampered with, you will receive a pop-up message on your phone indicating there is a malicious activity taking place hence easier to detect theft of fuel.

Sequentially, logistics companies lose property worth millions of dollars in track containers while in transit. This can be avoided using our container trackers which lets you know when the container’s door is opened and where it has been opened.

Dashboard Cameras & Driver Behavior

Accidents are frequent on our roads. When it happens, the drivers especially those drivers from public service vehicles will always decline to be on the wrong side. They will not take liability hence the case might be turned around and the liability put on you. With our discreet dashboard camera, you will get records of both real-time video and audio activities of what happened during the accident. This recordings can also be used by the police as evidence in a court of law or to settle the accident case.

Sometimes your drivers may turn out to be stubborn hence divert from their main core duties and delve into their own personal matters which leads to delay delivery of cargo. With this solution you can detect hazardous driving behaviors  using a one of a kind algorithm, where grades are computed to assess a driver’s performance. If the driver diverts or makes unwarranted stops on the road, you will be able to ascertain and take immediate action. 

Personal GPS Trackers

How many times have you worried about certain members of your family when you weren’t around? What about when that person left the house for something? This can be an elderly member of your family or a child. How much better would you feel if you knew you could keep tabs on them and they could easily notify you if something was wrong? Well that’s what personal GPS trackers can provide you with.This solution is designed for personal and asset tracking. With alerts like geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery, SIM card change alert and many other advanced reporting features. Experience peace of mind when you know your loved ones are safe.

Fighting Fire… But Not Necessarily With Fire

Following a recent increase in fire-related incidents noted countrywide, our C.E.O Tony Sahni speaks on basic safety practices when it comes to preventing fires in places where we spend large amounts of our time.

According to our own records, there has been a steady increase in the number of fire-related incidents across the country in the past three months. In fact, the figure in February 2019 alone is more than what we noted in December 2018 and January 2019 combined. This excludes cases of arson, therefore pointing towards other common causal factors such as human error and electric fault. With the prevailing weather conditions being hot and dry in most areas, strong winds make it that much easier to start fires and harder to fight them.

Accommodation Facilities

We can draw several lessons from recent occurrences at accommodation facilities. When planning recreational activities, ensure you have the relevant emergency response teams on standby. If it’s a fireworks display, a fire brigade team and an ambulance should be in close proximity, or at the very least, have their hotlines on speed dial.

I would add that some onus here lies with the guests as well. If no one points out the fire exit closest to your room and the dining area, be sure to ask. Learn where the fire assembly point is as well. Most hotels have an information pack detailing all this in each room, so take the time to study the procedure when checking in.


Hotel management should also take note of any and all foreign nationalities under their care and reach out to their embassies should an eventuality such as a fire occur. Some guests might lose their personal documents, thus complicating their travel plans. Step in and help as much as possible.

Informal Settlements

Fires in informal settlements snowball quickly as a result of various factors. Scarcity of space for instance forces residents to put up houses quite close together. This, in addition to the construction material often used in such settings, means even a small fire escalates to a raging inferno in a matter of minutes.

Image taken from a fire that razed Silanga Slums in Kibera in September 2018. Six deaths were reported in the incident.

In such areas, timely response and evacuation is critical. However, we have seen infrastructural challenges frustrating emergency rescue efforts, more so when it comes to accessibility. While local authorities work on improving the existing infrastructure, an easier fix to implement would be civic education on fire safety.

Given how fast fires in these environs spread, a community warning system would also help speed up the evacuation process. We can even take it a step further and establish fire assembly points and a headcount system, which would then help focus any rescue efforts and resources where they are needed the most.

Residential Areas

The uptake of security systems has improved, especially in recent years. However, this zeal is rarely matched when it comes to fire safety. We often think about perimeter security and intrusion prevention for instance, while giving short shrift to fire detection and suppression equipment.

Gadgets like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are still thought of in the same line with sprawling office complexes, but this is not necessarily true. At the very least, one should have a fire extinguisher, preferably carbon dioxide, and fire blankets at hand. Additionally, identify a suitable fire escape and share that with your family. Have at least two ways to leave the house and ensure there is clear egress at all times.

Another concern that we have had is the use of substandard gas cylinders in our kitchens. We have noted several incidents where fires started as a result of a faulty cylinder. A couple of weeks back, a house fire in Garissa was attributed to a leaking gas cylinder, causing damages amounting to thousands of shillings.

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Such scenarios are sometimes exacerbated by human negligence, like guardians locking young ones inside the house, making it difficult for them to escape. Another issue that sometimes comes up is a lack of civic education on fire safety, which leaves victims attempting to put out oil-based fires using water for example.

In light of this, be sure to stick to approved dealers when purchasing or refilling your cylinders. Also take the time to learn the different classes of fires and the best means to put them out. An oil-based fire should only be put out using a foam or carbon dioxide extinguisher, while only dry powder or carbon dioxide extinguishers can be used for electrical fires. However, for smaller fires around the house, a fire blanket should suffice.

Office Complexes

Sometimes, simply adopting a ‘safety first’ culture is enough to circumvent most fire hazards. Have staff who are also trained fire marshals and First Aiders; and they will then have the knowledge to advise on any potential risks in the office. Alternatively, some security service providers train their officers on fire fighting and First Aid. Check with your service provider and confirm whether this is the case.

Speaking from past experience, our officers have been involved in putting out a number of fires at key, multi-storey installations over the years, averting millions of shillings in potential damage in the process. Perhaps it would be best to bear this in mind as well when picking your security provider going forward.

Another critical component here is early detection. Smoke detectors might not cut it when it comes to highly sensitive sites; or they might not allow you enough time to scramble a response team. The next level of fire detection is through the use of aspiration technology. This type of system continually samples the air in its proximity; looking for any particles or elements which would indicate that combustion is imminent. It will then flag the fire long before it actually starts.

A FAAST system aspiration chamber

For larger buildings and highly sensitive sites, an integrated building management system that has fire as one of its integral elements would be preferred.

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