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  • Posted by: Lloyd Gitonga

Following the graduation of seven new Field Officers in January, this month saw the passing out of nine new supervisors at the firm’s training school in Pangani. Their graduation came after passing a gruelling five-day course where the candidates were trained and tested on Incident Management, Fire-fighting, First Aid, First-Person-on-Scene response, Customer Care and Scheduling of Guard Duty. Securex Chief Operating Officer Daniel Lemmer oversaw proceedings during the ceremony and took his time in speaking to the graduates, terming it as “the foundation upon which their careers at Securex can take off.”

“We’re very proud of you for successfully completing this course. I know it wasn’t easy, but what’s important now is that you don’t stand still. Do whatever it takes for you to advance, for you and your families. You have a great opportunity to grow at the best private security firm in East Africa, so the next time I stand here I want to be shaking your hands again and congratulating you on another promotion. It’s in your hands now. But overall, well done guys, well done.”

Mr. Lemmer also spoke of the importance of career progression, drawing inspiration from the career history of our current Head of Manned Guarding Mr. Charles Nderitu, who himself joined Securex as a guard 13 years ago. Mr. Nderitu earned back-to-back promotions since then, from being a guard to Supervisor, to Deployment Officer, to Assistant Zone Manager, to Zone Manager, and finally his latest promotion as Head of Manned Guarding which came late last year.

“That’s my motto; don’t give 100% but 110% for Securex. Apply yourself and better yourself. Think about Charles (Nderitu), 13 years ago he was standing under this tree when he was recruited as a guard, and today he is the Head of Manned Guarding with thousands of guards under his care. You can achieve it as well, just apply yourself and you can achieve anything.”

We spoke to one of the graduates, Michael Osir Ochieng’, who emerged as the “Best Recruit All-round”, and he did not mince his words talking about how challenging the course was. 40 guards were shortlisted for a Supervisors’ Selection Course, and after a series of theoretical, practical and physical tests, 26 were selected for the training. The physicals, Mr. Osir tells us, consisted of doing as many push-ups and sit-ups as you could within a 2-minute window; followed by running 6 laps of a standard track course (2400 metres) in under 10 minutes, and finally a timed 200-metre sprint. Not so easy, eh?

“The course was not easy, considering only nine of us from a class of 26 graduated. The training course was of very high standards. Practicals like ‘Vetting and Search’ were very tricky and technical; and one had to get the application right to pass the course. To emerge as the best recruit after it all was a proud moment for me.”

Speaking on the graduation ceremony, Michael beams as he recounts the momentous occasion, a milestone in his career thus far. He was never nervous, ever-confident that everything would go according to plan after hours of meticulous preparation and rehearsal.

“The ceremony itself went very well. This was one of those moments that you live to remember for the rest of your life. It felt nice to be recognized by top management, and the C.O.O encouraged us with his words.”

And finally, when reflecting on his career at Securex to this day, he speaks with glowing terms about the company and the exponential growth it has experienced since he joined. Michael also embodies the C.O.O’s thoughts on career progression, having done a diploma in Security Management and a drivers’ training course during his 7 years within the Securex family.

“I joined Securex in January 2009 and I have been comfortable ever since. The growth I have witnessed is tremendous: When I joined we had less than 3,000 guards, and currently we are close to tripling that. The company operated from a small office complex, now we have a whole building, with the expansion to the new complex on 9Riverside Drive coming soon as well. I look to get another promotion in another year or two, I will work hard to get there.”

Congratulations to our new Supervisors!

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