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  • Posted by: Lloyd Gitonga

We have always loved listening to peoples’ dreams and ambitions, and take pride in empowering their success by helping such ambitions materialise. The Securex Sponsorship Program, started in 2014, is one way in which we fulfil this obligation to our Family. Started as a means of empowering our children through education as well as improving employee welfare, the program has so far benefitted ten children in various secondary schools all over the country. This year’s edition saw a further five students rewarded for their hard work with comprehensive scholarships that will cater for their fees throughout the four-year secondary school curriculum.

Victor Mose (410), Moses Momanyi Moturi (376), Samson Ogaro Avudi, (368), Corazon Nyandia Ndirangu (350), and Caleb Musyoki Mutuku (349) are this year’s beneficiaries. We were thrilled to listen to their career aspirations during the award ceremony on Friday 05/02/2016 at the Securex House.

Victor Mose, our top candidate this year, says he wants to be a lawyer once he finishes school. Moses says he wants to be a pilot when he grows up because he “wants to fly people all over the world.” Samson meanwhile told us he dreams of being a doctor; and the Securex Group Managing Director Tony Sahni was keen to celebrate the young ones’ achievements and dreams.  He also added that their parents have worked hard to ensure their children prosper.

““We are very proud of you, the children, for passing your K.C.P.E exams. Your parents have worked hard for Securex for 10 years or more so that you could get this chance to grow. They have done extremely well as part of the Securex family. Keep up the hard work as you move on to high school, and we will follow up on your academic progress to ensure that you do so. Be assured that there are roles waiting for you here once you are done with school.”

Corazon Nyandia Ndirangu was this year’s sole female beneficiary, and she said she felt honoured to be recognised by Securex for her efforts. She completed her primary school education at St. Thomas Primary School in Nyeri and was rewarded with a place at Kangubiri Girls’ High School, also in Nyeri.

“I was very happy to get this scholarship today. When I report for Form One I will work harder and improve my grades even further. When I grow up I want to be a surgeon so that I can help the less fortunate who go through so much trouble to get treatment. I also want to achieve the impossible, to treat what has not been treated before.”

We are proud to have played a part in helping these young ones achieve their goals, and we look forward to sharing more success stories from them as they progress. Congratulations to the students and their families!

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