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Securex Firsts: 5 Ways Securex Has Pushed the Security Sector Forward

  • Posted by: Lloyd Gitonga

We might be one of the oldest names in the game, with 47 years’ experience under our belts, but we have remained ahead of the curve through the decades. From foiling armed robberies to putting out fires, to thwarting kidnapping attempts, to recovering stolen vehicles, we have continued to play our role in protecting the wananchi and keeping the country safe. Our perpetual pursuit of perfection has seen us achieve a number of firsts in the private security industry, a highlight reel we are very proud of.

  1. ISO and OHSAS Certification:

In 2004, we became the first private security firm in the region to be ISO-certified, an indication that we hold our service to the highest international standards. We benchmark our performance with the best private security firms worldwide, which has led us to pursue certification from world-acclaimed City and Guilds, a leading skills development organization that is poised to completely transform our training school.

We were also the first private security firm in the region to attain OHSAS 18001:2007 certification in 2015. The OHSAS 18001:2007 certification is awarded to organizations that achieve high standards of occupational health and safety at the workplace, thus demonstrating our desire to provide safe working conditions for all our staff. We’ve set the pace for the rest of the industry to emulate and we’re not about to let up any time soon!

  1. Kenya Security Industry Association:

Prior to the Presidential Assent to the Private Security Industry Regulation Act in May 2016, the Kenya Security Industry Association (KSIA) was one of two professional bodies that provided regulation for the industry, prescribing standards of service for its member firms to abide by. We’re proud to be founding members of the Association, having joined in 1996, and we’re committed to upholding the expectations laid out by the KSIA. Our continued membership demonstrates our readiness for regulation of the sector and our regard for employee welfare, particularly with the minimum wage policy that has repeatedly divided the industry in the past. We are one of the few security firms who were already compliant with most of the rules and regulations as set out in the new Private Security Industry Regulation Act.

  1. Career Path:

“There is no passion to be found in playing small-in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.”-Nelson Mandela.

We believe this to be true for all our uniformed section staff and therefore saw it best to come up with a career progression plan that outlines one’s growth from a guard to senior management within Securex. This is a path well-trodden by a few of our own in the past, with none being more familiar than our current Manager of Manned Guarding, Charles Nderitu. He rose through the ranks from guard, to Site-in-Charge, to Field Officer, to Deployment Officer, to Zone Manager, before finally being promoted to Manager of Manned Guarding; all in 13 short years.

Rose Nyawira also begun as a guardette before working her way up to Site-in-Charge and Field Officer, before getting promoted to Contract Manager at Unilever Kenya. Another beneficiary of this system is Victor Mwau, who last year became the first Radio Controller in the company’s 47-year history to become a Field Officer!

With this career progression plan, we have put our guards’ future, their fate, and their destiny in their own hands.

  1. Bike Loan Scheme:
Securex Chief Executive Officer Tony Sahni hands over a motorbike to Bernard Chepkwony, a Field Officer. The firm has offered its supervisory staff motorbikes at a subsidized cost which is to be paid back over a 2-year period.

“Operationally, it’s great because we get more boots on the ground ready to respond to any incidents. Increased mobility for our emergency back-up riders means an even faster response time for our clients as well. For our employees it’s a good motivational factor since they now own the motorbikes at a fraction of their actual cost. It’s a win-win scenario for the firm, our clients, and employees.”-Tony Sahni, C.E.O

In March 2016, we added to our operational fleet in purchasing 50 motorbikes for use by our supervisory staff. But rather than simply handing out bikes, we did things a little differently. Our staff were allowed to own the bikes outright, while they repaid only a fraction of their original cost over a 2-year period. Through the scheme, we were able to further improve on our service delivery to our clients, while motivating our staff. 200 more bikes will be rolled out in future phases of this revolutionary scheme.

  1. Gadgets:

We pride ourselves greatly on our technical proficiency. We like to think of ourselves as the “Gadget Boy” of the private security industry in Kenya. We were among the first to introduce the Garrett metal detectors to the Kenyan market in the 1990s and the Under-Vehicle Surveillance system in 2011. Beyond this, we have partnered with world-renowned brands such as Astrophysics, Garrett, and Honeywell, making us exclusive agents of their products and systems in the region. We also boast a team of highly trained technicians who are pretty adept at working with all equipment, from surveillance to fire detection and suppression systems.

“Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.”Laurie Anderson.

We’ll continue to build our philosophy around technology, for we are a perfect blend of human intelligence and technological proficiency. That is our story!

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