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  • Posted by: Lloyd Gitonga

“Rather than just get 50 new motorbikes, we thought we would do things a little differently to motivate our team.”Tony Sahni, Securex Group Managing Director.

Securex Agencies (K) LTD has moved to increase its reach within Nairobi County and its environs by acquiring 50 new motorbikes for employees at supervisory level. The bikes are intended for use by Supervisors, Technicians, Field Officers and Contract Managers in a bid to increase mobility of the company’s workforce and further reduce response time to incidents happening within the county. What is different with this latest addition to the Securex operational fleet is that the employees will be allowed to own the motorbikes outright after repaying a fraction of their original cost over a two-year period. The revolutionary bike loan scheme has been hailed as a “great personal motivational tool for the Securex staff” by Tony Sahni, the Securex Group Managing Director.

“Operationally, it’s great because we get more boots on the ground who will now find it easier to go about their assignments. Increased mobility for our emergency back-up riders means an even faster response time for our clients as well. For our employees it’s a good motivational factor since they will now own the motorbikes at a cost that has been greatly subsidized by the company. It’s a win-win scenario for the firm, our clients and employees.”

Bernard Chepkwony, one of our Field Officers and a beneficiary of the scheme, also spoke to us on what the convenience of owning a motorbike would mean to him:

“We are all very happy about the scheme. Owning this bike now means I can respond to incidents faster, I can make several client visits in a day, and I can conduct my random spot checks to ensure our guards are on point in their assignments. The ease of movement certainly makes my work a lot easier.”

The second phase of the scheme, featuring the handing over of a further 50 motorbikes, will be rolled out in the coming weeks. We are looking to have 250 members of staff benefitting from the scheme in the long run. Congratulations to our beneficiaries!


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