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Securex Scholarship Scheme: Shaping Lives Beyond the Classroom

  • Posted by: Lloyd Gitonga

“The company first helped secure my future, and now through the scholarship scheme, my daughter’s future is also taken care of, ensuring her academic aspirations and her dream to become a doctor are kept alive.”Antony Wagatu (father to Justah Wangui, beneficiary of the Securex Scholarship Scheme, Class of 2017)
At the beginning of the year, Securex rewarded five brilliant students with full secondary school scholarships, ensuring that their fees are catered for until they finish their high school curriculum. We also got to listen to the dreams and aspirations of the three ladies and two gentlemen who formed the Class of 2017, which is the fourth edition of the Securex Scholarship Scheme.

For one proud father in particular, the occasion meant much more than just having the burden of school fees taken off his hands for the next four years. For Antony Wagatu, a driver attached to our Emergency Response Unit, this life-altering move was one of the ways the firm, which he has loyally worked with since 2001, was repaying his faith.

“When I came to Nairobi in 1998, I didn’t have a coin to my name,” Mr. Wagatu explained.

“I met the Securex Chairman, Mr. Kishorilal Sahni, through a family friend. He took me in as a domestic help, doing odd jobs around his compound. I had, however, always wanted to be a driver. As I worked in Mzee’s home, I would occasionally park his vehicle or move it around the compound.”

He recounts one particular encounter with Mr. Sahni which turned out to be a pivotal moment in his life; the day when the Chairman watched him perfectly reverse-park his car.
“At the time, I don’t think Mzee knew that I could drive, much less that I practised using his car. One day, he noticed me reverse-parking his car and it was a Mercedes so he was particular about who went near the vehicle. He came out of the house and asked me why I was driving his car. I panicked, fearing for the worst, only for him to then offer to pay for my driving school lessons!”

With his driving school fees catered for by the company, he enrolled, passed his driving test, and got a licence. Securex then employed him in as a driver in January 2001. With a secure job and a steady flow of income to look forward to, Mr. Wagatu could now focus on settling down and starting a family.

“I married a few months into my new job and we were blessed with my daughter, Justah Wangui Wagatu, one year later. The company had already done a lot in shaping my life to this point, but little did I know that we weren’t done yet!”

A little over a decade later, Justah sat for her K.C.P.E exams, her dreams of becoming a doctor driving her to achieving good grades. She scored 329 marks, earning a spot at Moi Girls’ High School in Kamangu. Antony was beside himself when he got the call confirming that Justah had qualified for the Securex Scholarship Scheme Class of 2017.

“The company first helped secure my future, and now through the scholarship scheme, my daughter’s future is also taken care of ensuring her academic aspirations and her dream to become a doctor are kept alive,” Antony said.

The year’s award ceremony marked four years since the inception of the Securex Scholarship Scheme in 2014. With the first five beneficiaries of the scheme now in Form Four, the company is already putting in place plans to ensure the Class of 2014 is well taken care of beyond high school.

“We are conceptualizing an internship program, which will see the children work with Securex over their holidays and after they join university as well. We will do all we can to help guide the children to make the right career choices beyond their high school education,” said Securex Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tony Sahni.

Congratulations to Antony Wagatu and his daughter, Justah, once again!

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