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Security app with a medical emergency response

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Its 10:30pm. You just got into bed after a long day running around Nairobi, doing what you do best to put food on the table. You’re lost in your thoughts, reminiscing. Today was a bad day. First, the workload is massive because of COVID-19 related disruptions. And then the rains made the roads so slippery that you spent twice as much time as you usually do to get home. Finally, it’s July one of the coldest months of the year in Kenya.  

Twenty minutes later, you doze off. However, you’re up before midnight because you are feeling breathless. Your chest feels tight like someone knitted your organs. You are struggling to breathe.  

“Sigh. Here we go again,” you think. 

You have been here before: an asthmatic attack. Of all days, today when you left your inhaler in the office. To add insult to injury, you cannot send your neighbor out for one because it’s within curfew hours and going out could lead to their arrest.  What now? Yes, you know what! Securex App! 

Very fast, you reach out for your phone and raise a medical alert. Within a minute, your alert has been responded to and an ambulance has been dispatched. Thankfully, ambulances are essential services. 

We can only do so much to prevent emergencies. However, mitigating their effects falls squarely on how well equipped we are to get things back in our control. A minute is enough to save a life. 

With the medical uncertainties in the world today, the main concern for you is how to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus and in the unfortunate events you do, all you want is the best care possible to recover. With the Securex Security App, we are pushing the envelope as far as technology is concerned with the aim of encouraging more citizens to take up private security services in the realization of our purpose to create freedom by making everyday life safer.   

So, what is the Securex Security App and how does it work?   

The Securex Security App enables users to raise a security alert in case of an emergency and be guaranteed for immediate emergency response. The App, currently available for free download on Google Play store, allows users to add emergency contacts, send an SOS alert to pre-registered emergency contacts, and the Securex 24/7 command and control center in case of an emergency.   

  • After registration, a user will be required to add emergency contacts who will be notified in case of an emergency.
  • Once a user triggers an alert, they are prompted to select the nature of their emergency. This then allows Securex to mobilize appropriate response depending on the incident in question.  
  • The alert, along with the user’s geographical location, is sent out to their emergency contacts in the form of an SMS. It is worth noting that the user does not incur any mobile charges in sending out an alert, so one does not need airtime to ask for help. However, the app uses GPS signals to transmit alerts, therefore, users be required to enable the GPS option on their phone.
  • Users can also use the app to follow their loved ones by enabling the follow me button on the app. Users will first add their loved ones to the Securex App to be able to see and follow them on the map. This is extremely helpful if you want to know when your loved ones arrive or depart from work, school, home, or even a party.    
  • The app also offers location-based real-time alerts to keep you in the know of what is happening in the country and at the moment these alerts are accompanied by information about COVID-19 pandemic and traffic updates. 

Apart from security emergencies, users can also raise a medical emergency through the App. With the current health crisis in the country, Securex has partnered with reliable ambulance service providers to enable users to raise COVID-19 medical emergencies at an affordable rate.     

This advancement in security has seen more locals taking up private security given the lure of having a premium security service in one’s pocket and available at the push of a button. The App is free to download from Android and Apple stores. All features on the app are free to use except for security and medical response.


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