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Security Systems Preventative Testing, Why It Is Paramount?

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Security is nothing to joke around with. When it comes to securing your home, business, or industrial building, you should take extreme measures to keep out criminals. A couple of high-level security systems, including audio-visual, screening, surveillance, detection systems, among others, are installed in these premises today. Installation of these systems is one thing but, the work does not end here. Preventative maintenance is paramount to ensure your system continues working.  

It is better safe than sorry. Regular checks, especially on detection systems such as intruder and fire alarms, will help you identify the condition of your system. Sometimes, you may think your security system is functioning well, but silent activities like wires crossing or fuses overheating due to power surges can cause your system to fail. Through preventative testing, you can identify these problems to ensure your system is functioning well in the event of an emergency.  

As much as you can conduct preventative testing on your own, it is better to consult a professional security company to do this for you. At Securex, we offer preventative maintenance service to your security system to give you peace of mind knowing your system is at optimum performance in case of an emergency.  

Our preventative maintenance service helps you avoid any costs associated with repairs to your system. Additionally, you get comfort knowing that your building is secure with quality security systems with minimal breakdown or failure. And the best part is, in turn, you will ensure an increased lifespan of your system.   

Through our preventative maintenance service, we perform several maintenance services, from general upkeep to specialized repairs. Security systems covered in this service include electromagnetic locks, CCTV cameras, access control systems, electric fences, walkthrough metal detectors, fire detection, and suppression systems, intruder alarm systems, X-ray baggage scanners, among others.  

How to get the Securex Preventative Maintenance Service 

To get this service is easy. All you need to do is sign an annual maintenance contract provided by Securex. This contract is well detailed and client-specific. The reason for a contract is to solidify our commitment to ensure your systems works faultlessly at all times. After signing the contract, you will enjoy quarterly preventative maintenance visits, six emergency call-outs, unlimited customer support, and access to certified technicians.  

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