Electric Fencing Solutions

Think of having an electric fence securing your perimeter as a serious statement of intent to any potential burglars: you take your security very seriously!

Electric Fencing Solutions

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    Electric fences are your first line of defense as a visual deterrent to crime. Should anyone decide to call your bluff, power energizers emit a non-lethal electrical current, either continuously or in pulses, as per your specification.

    When integrated with our intruder alarm solutions, not only does your electric fence become your first line of defence, it also becomes your first point of detection of any intruders. Sensors help ensure that the electric fence is tamper-proof by transmitting a signal to our control room as soon as any perpetrator attempts to compromise the fence.

    Being transparent, yet aesthetically pleasing, they also eliminate any cover for thugs.

    We can install any of these electric fencing solutions:

    1. Piggy-back: This is mounted on an already-existing fence.
    2. Wall-top: This is mounted on top of a perimeter wall.
    3. Stand-alone: This is a fully electrified fence acting as the only perimeter security.

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