Fleet Management Solutions

Unlike other fleet management providers, we provide a Bottom Line Solution, which empowers you to make quick, smart and efficient decisions. We want you to receive financial results instead of complicated data. To enhance our collaboration with you, we provide excellent service support, made available to you anywhere, anytime..

Fleet Management Solutions

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    Manage your fleet with live analytics displayed in simple representations. Advise your drivers with practical insights as they move.


    Maintenance Management: Let your vehicle tell you when it needs your attention. Be equipped with insights to troubleshoot and predict mechanical faults with precision.

    Fuel Control: Make better decisions on fuel economy, prevent fraud and reduce fuel cost dramatically. The solution enables fuel usage analytics.

    Driver Monitoring: Detect hazardous driving behaviours of your drivers. Using a one of a kind algorithm, grades are computed to assess a driver’s performance.


    Delivery Monitoring: Manage your delivery operations. Plan your routes by selecting orders and vehicles and get preliminary routes comprising data on the estimated arrival time and mileage. Use Google maps data for precise address info and routing.

    Real-time Tracking: Track your delivery process in real-time and respond on emerging issues through phone calls or chats with the driver. Get notifications and communicate with the client once the delivery is complete.


    Generator Monitoring: Increase generator operational uptime with the relevant information on the overall generator condition. Our solution is situated to all major brands of generators. With this solution, you get accurate fuel monitoring and theft prevention, events and alarm management, real-time location maintenance diagnostics information among others.

    Excavator & Fuel Tanks Solutions: The solution enables you to receive real-time location, monitor fuel, receive engine standby hours and understand the overall operation hours for your excavator.


    Refrigeration: Monitor and control your refrigerated assets in real-time. Receive an SMS or email notification in case of any temperature deviations. Our system also detects doors opening as well as gives information on the location, time and duration of the event.


    A simple yet effective applications for the agro-industry, which allows controlling fields works based on telematics data. The solutions deliver to you transparent data about your fields operations and crops. Providing you with the exact information about who, when and how your crops were cultivated.


    Complete your fleet management solution with a tamper-proof speed governor which triggers an alarm in the event of over speeding, disconnection or attempted tampering. The speed governors come with real-time tracking capabilities and have been approved by NTSA.

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