Impact and Explosion-Resistant Film

The threat of flying glass or shrapnel in the event of an explosion or intrusion can be mitigated through the use of impact and explosion-resistant film, which remains intact in the face of thrown projectiles as well.

Impact and Explosion-Resistant Film

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    In the event of an explosion, flying glass and shrapnel become a dangerous risk, reportedly causing up to 80% of fatalities. This threat can now be mitigated with Profilon ER 1 4-ply explosion-resistant film, which not only prevents the dangerous splintering of glass but also stands up strong against thrown projectiles or incendiary objects. Not only is it shock-wave resistant, it is also the only fully transparent explosion-resistant film in the world. It’s also scratch-resistant and low-maintenance.

    You could also get the Profilon AX A1 impact-resistant film, which is 3-ply and 94% transparent, but is also resistant to thrown projectiles, including incendiary devices. It also prevents the dangerous splintering of glass and is ideal for the lower floors of your premises to prevent break-in theft and vandalism. Did we mention it’s also scratch-resistant and virtually maintenance-free?

    Imagine the number of lives that could be saved in the event of an explosion, as was the case on July 22nd, 2011 during an attack on the government district of Oslo.

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