Intruder Alarms

A wireless intruder alarm system coupled with a GSM module would allow you to receive a notification on your phone in case of an alarm activation. It will be like you never left the office.

Intruder Alarms

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Working with world leaders in the sector, we offer a range of both manual and automatic intruder alarm systems for one’s business security. With manual alarm systems, call points or “panic buttons” are installed at various points in the office and one is issued with mobile panic buttons as well that can be triggered in case of an emergency. Automatic alarm systems operate on an intricate network of a pre-determined number of sensors that, once armed, trigger the alarm upon detecting movement or vibration.

The great thing with automatic alarms is that they allow one to keep their premises safe even while away. One is also able to remotely control the system, monitor activations and receive real-time footage of perpetrators on mobile phone, tablet or PC as soon as the alarm is activated. An optional GSM module, which would then automatically send a message to the business owner in case the alarm is triggered, can also be installed with the system. With our intruder alarm systems and alarm response, protecting your prized assets has never been easier.

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