Biometric sensor safes feature electronic locking and allow you to store up to 32 fingerprints!


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    We know the drill, it’s easier to hide our tablets and laptops under the bed or among clothes in the master bedroom wardrobe when we leave home for work (if you have to leave them at home). What if we told you that these are some of the worst hiding places in your home? Among the first places burglars raid after breaking into a home are the master bedroom and sitting room. Or perhaps you could be a little streetwise and hide your jewelry in your daughter’s bedroom as burglars rarely break into the nursery. But even this is not foolproof.

    Here’s the next level in home security-why not get a safe? You could get a Jupiter Keyguard safe, which comes with an electronic lock and emergency override key; ideal for home use. You could keep all your gadgets, jewelry and small amounts of cash (for the old-school, under-the-mattress alternative) in there. Or we could hook you up with a biometric sensor safe; which features biometric electronic locking and is capable of storing up to 32 fingerprints. This also comes with an override key and is ideal for home or office use.

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