Smoke Cloak

The Smoke Cloak covers your premises with a dense fog within 5 seconds of detection of an intruder, hindering visibility while protecting your assets before help arrives.

Smoke Cloak

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    It’s the dead of night and you’re safely tucked in bed with your family at home, getting some much-deserved rest after a long day at work. You doze off while crunching numbers, perhaps you can hit the one million shilling mark this month, you think…then you can take the kids on that mid-year trip to the Maasai Mara that you keep promising. You can already see the wildebeest and zebras.

    Suddenly, you are woken up by a call; it’s the Securex control room.

    “Sorry to bother you sir, but we would like to notify you that we have received an alarm activation from your business premises. Our emergency response teams are already en route.”

    You hurriedly disconnect the call.

    Meanwhile in your office, four armed men are about to walk in, but they are quickly engulfed in a cloud of harmless, but dense fog. The fog covers the entire premises in under five seconds. After a few minutes, the fog finally clears, only for the intruders to come face to face with the Securex emergency response crew, reinforced with armed police officers who apprehend the burglars.

    This is the security that a smoke cloak buys you. Smoke cloaks are designed to fill the gap in between detection and apprehension of intruders by hindering the perpetrator’s visibility and protecting your valuables in the process. The device emits a dense fog that covers an entire floor within five seconds, and can keep going for up to 45 minutes if need be, keeping your assets safe and the intruders trapped with hindered vision.

    Pretty neat, wouldn’t you agree?

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