UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System)

We offer three Under Vehicle Surveillance security solutions that all allow for under-carriage inspection to add that extra layer to your screening measures. With our UVSS solutions you can check for explosives, weapons, and other contraband goods.

UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System)

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    Fixed Under Vehicle Surveillance

    The fixed under vehicle surveillance systems can be installed on any terrain, and are mainly used at airports, shopping malls, embassies, and other high-traffic, high-risk security environments. The system provides high-resolution, quality colour composite images, in addition to an inbuilt automatic licence plate reader.

    Portable Under Vehicle Surveillance

    The portable UVSS is an electronic version of the belly-scope mirror, kitted with a high-definition camera with infrared night vision capability. The camera rotates at a minimum of 22.5 degrees and maximum of 335 degrees, all of which means guards don’t have to go around the vehicle to inspect its under-belly, as is the case with the belly-scope mirror. To cap it all off, it allows our security guards to see the entire under-belly on a 7-inch LCD monitor, ensuring nothing suspect goes unchecked.

    Under Vehicle Search Mirror

    A perhaps more simple yet cost-effective solution that we offer is the belly-scope mirror; a lightweight device with a convex mirror used to view the vehicle’s under-belly. The UVSS mirror comes in customized designs and mirror dimensions as per your specifications.

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