Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMD)

The Securex WT-999 Walk-Through Metal Detector provides the latest metal detection capabilities, allowing up to 60 people to pass through per minute. The unit is equipped with internet technology features for easy remote control and the latest upgrades.

Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMD)

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Securex now has in stock the WT-999 WTMDs loaded with the very latest security features. All Securex WTMD’s provide key features and functions, including 6 detection zones, each with an adjustable 400 level sensitivity, along with the capability to record the pass and alarm numbers.

The key design specifications include its lightweight portability, water & weather proof structure, temperature resistance and a durable plastic exterior coating; making the Securex WT-999 WTMD unit a must have component of Business Security.

Secure your premises effectively. Order your WT-999 WTMD today while stocks last and reduce the threat of unauthorized weapons in your premises.

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