X-ray Baggage Scanner

You’ve probably been late checking in for your flight at the airport and got frustrated when you got stuck at the entrance checkpoint, frantically checking your watch while your luggage goes through security.

X-ray Baggage Scanner

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    What you never get to see is the 8-colour imaging that clearly depicts to the baggage scanner operator what is in your bag, allowing him or her to pick out potential threats before you even enter the airport terminal.

    We have partnered with world-renowned firms to import, assemble, install, and maintain top-of-the-range baggage scanners suitable for use in hotels, airports, and government premises among other high-profile assignments. Our scanners are optimized for heightened penetration and enhanced material detection, giving operators every chance possible to accurately pinpoint any threats.

    Our dedicated team of qualified technicians has undergone adequate training, both from our internal training team and from internationally accredited instructors, so you can be sure of the best service on your equipment.

    Effective June 30, 2021, international standards require that all international air cargo carried by commercial aircraft operators (passenger and all-cargo) be either screened or be received from another Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-regulated entity that has applied security controls and/or screened the cargo.

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