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Home Security


Secure your home and live stress-free with our trusted technology-driven security solutions and our well-trained and highly motivated security force. 

Do it Yourself (DIY) Solutions


A smart home security kit targeting domestic residences. Branded as the ‘Rafiki by Securex’ do-it-yourself (DIY) home security kit, the solution will help 

Rafiki By Securex is an affordable security solution created by Securex Agencies Ltd, the leading regional security provider for technology-driven security solutions across Africa. 


Home Automations

Looking for convenience, control, and peace of mind for your home security? 
We can offer you convenience, control, freedom, and peace of mind right 
in the palm of your hand with our smart home automation solutions. 

Arm and disarm your security system, unlock and lock your doors, control your lights or remotely monitor your home with intelligent security cameras via your smartphone.
This solution is backed by our 24/7 rapid emergency response service, medical response on the move is also available via the Securex App. 

We will give you the help you need.

Security Systems

Inspire confidence in your visitors by having one of our audio or video intercom solutions installed at your home or business. 

Inspire confidence in your visitors by having one of our audio or video intercom solutions installed at your home or business. An intercom system installed at various access points throughout your premises allows you to interact with a visitor before he/she is then granted access into a particular area. 

We also have a myriad of solutions to suit your unique needs, be it a modest residential site or a high-rise office complex. Our systems are capable of having up to 15 out-stations and 256 inbound stations. This means you can have up to 15 points of entry into your residential estate, each with an intercom interface, and have these connected with up to 256 houses within the estate. 

Beyond this, we are all about automation and integration. The solutions borne out of integrating an intercom system with CCTV, intruder alarms, or automated gates are unparalleled and go a long way in sealing potential loopholes in your security plan. All in all, you can keep out anyone who isn’t meant to gain entry, and have a visual log of everyone who accessed your premises. 

Think of having an electric fence securing your perimeter as a serious statement of intent to any potential burglars: you take your security very seriously! 

Electric fences are your first line of defense as a visual deterrent to crime. Should anyone decide to call your bluff, power energizers emit a non-lethal electrical current, either continuously or in pulses, as per your specification. 

When integrated with our intruder alarm solutions, not only does your electric fence become your first line of defence, it also becomes your first point of detection of any intruders. Sensors help ensure that the electric fence is tamper-proof by transmitting a signal to our control room as soon as any perpetrator attempts to compromise the fence. 

Being transparent, yet aesthetically pleasing, they also eliminate any cover for thugs. 

We can install any of these electric fencing solutions: 

Piggy-back: This is mounted on an already-existing fence. 

Wall-top: This is mounted on top of a perimeter wall. 

Stand-alone: This is a fully electrified fence acting as the only perimeter security. 

Our Home Alarm System is centered around total protection — intrusion and motion detection, video surveillance, remote system arming and control. 

By using the latest wireless technology, our alarm security systems coupled with our 24/7 Control Room support ensure that help is never far away, especially in your hour of need. Our systems also enable each owner to keep an eye on their business and home from wherever they are. 

An added advantage is that our technology also supports control systems such as air conditioners, lights, electric window blinds, garage doors and more. We also have the provision to set your system up on the cloud, which allows for remote alarm and electronics management. 

Whether you want just the basic manual alarm or all the bells and whistles that come with an automatic system, our experts can help you customize a security alarm system that suits your office.

With our wireless Gate Buzzer System, we ensure that you will never miss any visitors, even if you are several rooms away. Equipped with a high-performance transmitter it’s dustproof and waterproof and can withstand various harsh weather conditions.

It can be linked to an intercom system which allows you to interact with a visitor before he/she is then granted access into a particular area.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to keep an eye on your business even when on the go, wherever you go? With our advanced Internet Protocol CCTV solutions, not only can you do this, but you can also keep a lid on employee theft and misdemeanours, deter crime from external threats, and inspire confidence and trust with your clients. 

In the event that an intrusion does occur, CCTV surveillance provides security teams with ample evidence, which greatly aids in investigations and asset recovery initiatives. IP cameras allow you to monitor the workplace on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC in real-time. 

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