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Personal Security

At Securex, we value you and your family that is why we offer you dependable security solutions that will allow you to protect yourself and your loved ones 

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Security on the move – Securex App

Free and Premium

Designed with the aim of re-imagining how we approach emergency responseThe Securex Security App enables users to raise a security alert in case of an emergency and be guaranteed immediate  emergency response  

The alert, along with the user’s geographical location, is sent out to their emergency contacts in the form of an SMS. It is worth noting that the user does not incur any mobile charges in sending out an alert, so one does not need airtime to ask for help. However, the app uses GPS signals to transmit alerts, therefore, users are required to enable the GPS option on their phone. 

After registration, a user will be required to add emergency contacts who will be notified in case of an emergency. Users can also use the app to follow their loved ones by enabling the follow me button on the app. Users will first add their loved ones to the Securex App to be able to see and follow them on the map. This is extremely helpful if you want to know when your loved ones arrive or depart from work, school, home, or even a party.     

The app also offers location-based real-time alerts to keep you in the know of what is happening in the country and at the moment these alerts are accompanied by information about COVID-19 pandemic and traffic updates. 

Raise Alerts:

Send an SoS through the Securex Mobile App or by simply by pressing the power button on your phone five times (can be done without opening the Securex Mobile App). If you subscribe to the Personal Package, you are assured of immediate emergency response by one of our mobile response teams within minutes, while a distress signal will be sent to three emergency contacts as well.  Apart from security emergencies, users can also raise a medical emergency through the App. With the current health crisis in the country, Securex has partnered with reliable ambulance service providers to enable users to raise COVID-19 medical emergencies  at an affordable rate.      

Location-Based Incident Alerts:

Be the first to know of any security-related incidents in your locality. Securex Mobile App users will receive alerts via push notifications in real-time, for free!

Crime Trend Reports:

An informed individual is always better placed to keep themselves safe. Securex App users will also receive monthly crime trend reports, featuring all the relevant stats on most common incidents, where you are most prone to crime, and more. Again, for free!

  • Viewing account billing and history.
  • Notification on payment reminders for clients.
  • Ability to share “Last known location” with friends.

This advancement in security has seen more locals taking up private security given the lure of having a premium security service in one’s pocket and available at the push of a button. The App is free to download -> DOWNLOAD SECUREX APP. All features on the app are free to use except for security and medical response. 

With the Securex App, you can relax knowing we’ve got your back. Wherever you go.

We will give you the help you need.

Vehicle tracking

Ever wondered what it’d be like to have access to your vehicle’s geographical location, condition, and fuel consumption at any time? Or maybe you’d like to keep an eye on how well your teenage son, who recently got his driving licence, is doing on the road? Let our technology work for you! 

With our vehicle tracking solutions, you can monitor your vehicle’s movements in real-time. You get information that lets you know its current location, what route the driver took to get there, how long it took to get there, and how much fuel was used on the way. Our solutions go well beyond simply telling you where your vehicle is. 

When it comes to fleet management, we remain ahead of the curve, allowing you to monitor fleet performance through specific parameters, such as mileage, fuel consumption, average, and maximum speed per vehicle, idling, driving time, as well as geofencing. 

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Close Protection

Running late in the office, or at an office cocktail party half-way across town? Or perhaps you have a late-night pick-up or drop-off at the airport? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. 

You can have either of three variations of our escort service: 

  1. Armed Escort-Where we assign a driver, crew commander, and two armed police officers in a marked escort vehicle. 
  2. Unarmed Escort-Where we assign a driver, crew commander, and two crew members in a marked escort vehicle. 
  3. Covert Escort-Where we assign a driver, crew commander, and two crew members in an unmarked escort vehicle. 

We can also provide armed escort and an armoured vehicle on special request, and all our officers are willing to do whatever it takes to keep you safe, no matter the level of risk involved.

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