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Security Services

In contemporary Kenya, Security Services have become one of the most essential needs of all. Our goal has been to create freedom by making everyday life safer.


On-site Security

Focus on your business as we take care of your security 

No matter how highly automated your security may be, nothing can replace the human interface of a professionally trained Security Officer. Known for their gentle demeanor towards customers but their tough stance towards perpetrators, our security officers continue to be the preferred choice for shopping malls, corporates, industries, diplomatic missions and residential areas. 

Our Security Officers undergo intensive training programs that include: 

        Protection and Preservation of Assets 

        Incident Management 


        Customer Care Skills 

        First Aid & Fire Safety 

In addition to their normal duties, our Security Officers can confidently handle gatehouse duties, front office duties, vehicle inspection, personal searches, perimeter and car park controls and monitoring of CCTV surveillance systems.

Emergency Response

Medical Response 

Securex has partnered with rescue.co to provide rapid emergency response to medical emergencies at a discounted rate. The Securex & Rescue partnership gives you access to the largest fleet of ambulances with over 200 ambulances in Nairobi and over 600 across Kenya.

Households are covered within the estate, on the road and when outside of Nairobi. The service has an average response time of 15 minutes with response times as fast as 4 minutes within Nairobi. As a member, you will receive all-inclusive ambulance care and transport to the hospital of your choice for onwards treatment where required 

We will give you the help you need.

Alarm Response

Combine early detection of intrusion with prompt response to enhance the chances of apprehending criminals and ensure your peace of mind. 

Our highly-skilled Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) guarantee a swift response in under six minutes and we take all measures to empower our security officers with the requisite equipment and support which ensures adequate mitigation of risk. 

Alongside regular guard training, our ERTs are also trained for armed and unarmed self-defence, actual scenario assessment, and disaster management. 

These measures, including reinforcing our teams with armed police escorts, dispatching multiple teams, and the use of riot shields, has enabled our teams to foil several high-profile armed robbery and kidnapping attempts in the recent past. 

Canine Security

Sniffer Dogs & Guard Dogs  

We have over 200 German Shepherds and Rottweilers Sniffer dogs on active duty today. 

We import some of our dogs from the world’s top working line kennels in Germany and the Czech Republic and they’re trained in tracking, antinarcotics as well as mine and explosives detection. Employing one of our dogs assures you service for a minimum of 12 years. 

Beyond the line of duty, we have lit up various dog shows organized by the East Africa Kennel Club in Nairobi over the years, winning accolades and dog-lovers in the process.

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