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Social distancing at home this Easter? Make security your top priority

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Customarily, most of the country is in high gear over the Easter holiday making vacation plans, from family reunions to road trips, to celebrate the occasion. However, following the directive on a 21-day cessation of movement between counties in efforts to combat COVID-19, majority of Kenyans have had to change or cancel their Easter travel plans.

The lack of ‘natural surveillance’ has resulted in criminals taking advantage of quieter streets and unoccupied homes over holidays to break into homes. But this year will be different as families have been advised to stay at home and avoid large crowded places due to the pandemic.

Even though we will all be at home this Easter, you are still advised to remain vigilant, as the recent spike in crime is still expected to continue due to the harsh economic conditions forcing people to turn to break-ins and robberies in an effort to make ends meet.

The best cover against opportunistic thieves, burglars or armed robberies is to prepare your property by implementing extra protections outside and inside your home. Here are a few tips to help you stay at home with peace of mind:

Home Security    

Lock your security gates at all times and ensure the keys have been removed from the lock. Opened gates or gates with keys hanging on the locks are inviting to burglars. Burglars are not very keen on confrontations and are likely to look for soft targets.

Activate your early warning systems such as your electric fence and garden beams especially at night. All perimeter security systems should be linked to your alarm response transmitter or to your siren for early alerts in case of any intrusion.

Ensure your security systems are functioning properly, and all features are in use. Alarm features such as zoning allow you to safeguard certain areas of your property which hold high-value goods. Zoning can be a complicated process and you can contact your security services provider to service the systems and zone them for you.

Security should be a family affair. Educate your loved ones on the security systems you have in place, let them know where panic buttons are located, how to use them and who to contact in case of an emergency.

With schools closed, you can also get your kids involved in ensuring the security of your home. This is by giving them security responsibilities such as closing doors and windows or even arming the alarm at night together. You can also involve the kids in role-playing emergency scenarios for them to know and understand what to do in case someone breaks in if a fire starts out or there is a medical emergency. Finally, you can engage them in creating, painted posters for emergency contact numbers and sticking them on the fridge or anywhere you deem fit in the house.

Business Security     

As you focus on your home security, it is also important not to forget about your business. Most businesses are now closed in the country due to COVID-19 with a few of people working from home and essential services going about their normal operations.

Over the years, we have come to learn that burglars tend to target small and medium-sized enterprises that appear to not to have invested adequately in security measures. In shops, night break-ins and robberies have been very common in the country lately with a number of businesses that used to operate round the clock that are now closed due to the dusk-dawn curfew. With the four-day Easter break coming up, it is important to enhance the security at your business. Here are a few tips to guide you on this.

Revise Security Protocols

Be sure to have security protocols in place and ensure everyone remembers their role in keeping the office safe. If you have security guards in place, go through your security protocols with them and with your security service provider to ensure nothing is left to chance. Additionally, if you feel the security is not enough, you can ask your security service provider to deploy additional guards for enhanced patrols before you return.

Check on your Security Systems   

You are also advised to bolster your perimeter security and emergency response systems as well, to deter potential intruders and to ensure prompt response in the event that thugs do break-in. This is where intruder alarms and a reliable alarm response provider come in handy. With IP CCTV cameras, you’re able to monitor your business in real-time to make sure you stay on top of things even while you’re away.

It is also important to check on your system wiring. Most fires are caused by electrical faults and the last thing you’d want is to lose your prized assets over something that is easily preventable. We would advise that you have a qualified electrician check on your wiring and electrical equipment so you can replace any frayed cables or damaged equipment that could pose a fire risk.

Do not leave anything to chance this Easter holiday. Keep safe and stay healthy.

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